Theresa_May Brexit

Is it possible to polish a turd? Theresa May and her team seem to think so.

After perusing the supposed new deal, it seems pretty much nothing has changed and it would take the permission of the EU to leave the backstop. The new deal supposedly ‘reduces the risk’ and has been determined by the attorney general as still a major risk of the UK being stuck in the backstop and EU indefinitely without a way of ever getting out.

Suffice to say, the pound sterling has been up and down like a rollercoaster on acid.

The DUP and ERG obviously have sniffed a rat, and are not moved by the minor changes.

Polishing a turd, Theresa May now stands to lose the vote later on tonight in parliament because the numbers simply are not there.

At the end of the day legally NOTHING has changed. If the deal does go through parliament, the UK will pay the EU £39 billion to be bent over a table and fucked up the arse.

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