All the people wanted when they voted for Brexit was to get out of the EU, and its institutions.

Alas, since the EU referendum Brexit has become more of a distant mirage, and unattainable dream simply because of the establishment  putting obstacles in the way of leaving the EU, and the EU putting obstacles in the way as well.

Any decision now regarding Brexit is meticulously broken down and voted out, and the sad thing is, if it comes to the ideal Brexit, i.e. a Clean Brexit, that too will be voted down by the Remoaners.

Against Brexit is the PM, the majority of the Remoaner Cabinet, handpicked by Remoaner PM Theresa May, the Treasury headed by Remoaner Lord Haw Haw Hammond, the Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, a Canadian, and 95% of the House of Lords, as well as most of the so-called Conservative party hierarchy. Other groups outside of parliament are the Soros Open Society, who fund people like Gina Miller to thwart Brexit in the High Court at any possible time, and other business people who are all on the EU gravy train and are fighting for their expense accounts. The media is now mostly anti-Brexit, with even the Daily Mail siding with Remoaners and Brussels, this is possibly due to the exit of Paul Dacre, and the instatement of Remoaner Editor Geordie Greig. The BBC, which received £5 million just before the EU referendum from the EU is naturally pro-EU, and the CBI where Theresa May spoke the other day on the benefits of her BRINO deal is completely pro-EU as it receives millions in EU money every year. As for the civil service, they are all completely pro-EU, and they control everything from behind the scenes, a la Olly Robbins.

Suffice to say, the likelihood of a Brexit occurring anytime soon is about zero, and the far flung future is no better, the promises will drag on and on for years to come until everyone is so bored of it all they just elect to stay in the EU. Ultimately, this is the plan the EU and controllers in government hope for. They want people to be so jaded by the whole bureaucratic affair that they say fuck it, and leave Britain in the EU.

The whole sordid Brexit affair is extremely tiresome and sickening, because it brings to light that there is little or no democracy in Britain left. We are ultimately chained now to a corrupt system of government, and the EU’s totalitarian pseudo-communist diktats permanently and there is nothing anyone can do about it.

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