Death of Western Democracy – Communist China Globalism

BEIJING - China - The brutal communist regime that tortures any dissent and censors free speech is leading globalism today much to the detriment of Western democracy.

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Western tech companies following China's communist censorship techniques

Something has brought forward this thought about the major threat to democracy in the West and the rise of China-led globalism.

Recently, the monopolistic tech companies like Google and Facebook started to clamp down on free speech, freedom of expression, satire, and other forms of literature. This totalitarian policy was once only seen in China’s communist dictatorship, and censoring regime.

Put two and two together and you have globalism led by China. This means that the tech companies are actually following Chinese communistic techniques in limiting freedom of speech, censorship and dictating what people can and cannot say.

Therefore, one can see that there is a shift to soviet communism by the tech companies, who are pandering to China’s globalistic aspirations to take over the West.

The tech companies are not doing this only for money, but one suspects that they actually subscribe to Chinese communist doctrine.

In relation to the communist doctrine that encapsulates China, some tech companies even happily report dissidents to Chinese authorities. Twitter and Google have both done this, which resulted in the dissidents disappearing, never to be seen again. The Chinese authorities can only get the data about someone’s details, from Twitter or Google, therefore they collaborate with the communist regime in arresting individuals who are critical of the state.

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China’s awful human rights record is of course glossed over when it comes to profit, and so is the treatment of Tibetans who have been tortured, killed and displaced by the brutal communist Chinese state.

Imagine being abducted and whisked away to a cell where you spend the next several months or years with no charge or conviction, and your organs harvested.

Communist Chinese brutality puts down any talk of democracy, freedom of expression or free speech. This is very similar to how the Western tech monopolies are acting right now.

There can be no globalism with communist China. If this happens, Western democracy loses everything.

Amnesty International China