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Why China is Not Punished For Uighur Genocide and Forced Organ...

XINJIANG - China - Despite knowing full well of the genocide and brutal torture practices, as well as forced organ transplants, many Western companies profit from China.

CIA Using New CGI Cats Film to Torture Terrorists

LANGLEY - USA - The CIA is using the new Cats film as a tool to extract information from terrorists and spies, the agency has revealed.

Death of Western Democracy – Communist China Globalism

BEIJING - China - The brutal communist regime that tortures any dissent and censors free speech is leading globalism today much to the detriment of Western democracy.

Tony Blair Refuses to Answer Questions Could be Waterboarded Says Home...

LONDON - England - The former prime minister said speculation about his role in the UK and US's torture program is “not something I will ever talk about”. Tony Blair refuses to even answer questions and has always insisted the allegations are completely baseless.

Cheney Caught Torturing Waiter During Lunch Restaurant Visit

LANGLEY - Virginia - Former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney was caught torturing a waiter at a local restaurant.


WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Who would have thought the CIA uses torture? Well, well, well, it's like a huge surprise to many.

Music Biz Autotune Songs Now Used to Torture Inmates in Secret...

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION - The music biz has come a long way since the days when artists and musicians sang and wrote their own music. With the autotune and vocoder vocals used in every song released these days, the disservice to music has been terrible but service to torture has been great.

Tortured 911 'Masterminds' Confess to Anything

GUANTANAMO BAY - Cuba - If you keep someone awake forcibly for 180 hours straight, they will confess to anything. These are the torture methods used on the 911 suspects.

Rumsfeld Cancels Subscription to New York Times But Still Subscribes to...

FRESNO - USA - Appearing on 'Fox News & Friends" the former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, said that he was cancelling his subscription to the New York Times.

Dick Cheney Torture Book on Bestseller List

VIRGINIA - USA - Ex Vice President, Cheney was revelling in the success of his new book today after shooting up the book charts to make the bestseller list.

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