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Dick Cheney Torture Book on Bestseller List

VIRGINIA - USA - Ex Vice President, Cheney was revelling in the success of his new book today after shooting up the book charts to make the bestseller list.

Dick Cheney’s first book detailing the torture practices of the Bush administration, “Torture the U.S. Way” (HarperCollins), has topped The New York Times best-seller list for political books.

For two straight weeks, Cheney’s factual manual and memoirs about the best torture methods, and ways to bypass the Geneva Convention, has made the bestseller list.

“This torture manual is bigger than the Bible. More people are reading this than anything we have ever seen. I just bought a Lamborghini Diablo – cash!” Sammy Gravano, Cheney’s publishing agent, told CBS news.

Mr Cheney’s torture book also has a huge following in Austria, selling millions of copies in just a one week.

The book outlines many different torture methods, and how to kit out the home dungeon. He also talks about his penchant for warrantless wiretapping, shooting his friends and the Iran Contra Affair.

Cheney, 68, who left office in January 2009, has a deal to write two more books about the use of white phosphorus and napalm on Iraqi civilians and the scorched earth policy of American forces in the Iraqi conflict.

Ex-Vice President, Dick Cheney, was given the Congressional Medal of Honor last week for his services to American torture and genocide and his current book “Torture the U.S. Way” is available in all good bookshops.

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  1. Anyone who killed s loads of sandnigs is in my good books. I'm gonna buy two copies of his book.

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