Gaddafi: "I Dream of You Condi"

TRIPOLI - Libya - Rebel fighters sifting through Gaddafi's palaces have revealed the colonel's obsession with former Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice.

Colonel Gaddafi would often sit down in his palace and dream about Condoleezza Rice, her sultry tones and her wonderful silky voice ordering the bombing of one of his palaces on the telephone from Washington.

“I dream of her still. Her eyes boring through my soul, that Nubian princess. Just the thought of her ordering more American planes to bomb Tripoli gets me so excited. Oh, Condi, how I miss you,” the mad colonel broadcast on Tripoli radio last night.

Rebel fighters sifting through one of Gaddafi’s many palaces have uncovered a treasure trove of material idolising Condoleezza Rice.

“We found albums, and albums of this stuff. I got say though, a lot of the pages were stuck together, we think maybe the colonel got a little too excited, if you know what I mean,” Abdullah Basr Majid, told the BBC.