Sharon Shoesmith to Take In Baby P Killer As Lodger

LONDON - England - After winning a multi-million pound payoff from Haringey council, former child services leader, Sharon Shoesmith will look after one of the newly released killers of Baby P, it has been revealed.

“She felt sorry for the child killer and seeing as she got a massive payout from cash strapped Haringey council, she wants to do her bit for society,” one of the jury members who voted for Shoesmith’s payoff, told the Sun newspaper.

Jason Owen, who only served two years for his part in the horrific death of toddler, Peter, is said to be glad that Shoesmith will welcome him to her luxurious home.

“Sharon is about to get £1 million payout for ‘unfair’ dismissal after allowing the death of Baby P through negligance. The council she is taking money from is already struggling financially, and because of the payment to Shoesmith, I am sure many other little children will suffer,” council worker, Anna Injastiss, told the Evening Standard.