Evil Unmasked – Baby P Killers Laugh at Law

LONDON - England - The evil torturers of tragic Baby Peter are laughing at Labour's lax and lenient laws and looking forward to their prison releases soon.

“In America, if anyone commits a heinous crime like torturing and murdering a young child, they are named and shamed, then imprisoned for life and not just three years as in the Baby P case. Over here, they will be released under new names, given new identities and paid hundreds of thousands of taxpayers money per annum to live a life of leisure under protection. They will also be given any creature comforts they ask for for as long as they live and given free reign to travel the world at their leisure,” an unnamed barrister, speaking about the British law system, revealed to us.

No Justice

The cowardly mainstream press, who are merely another arm of the hypocrisy and shameful handling of the Baby P case, are set to make another killing soon in sales from the Baby Peter case as ‘new’ revelations are revealed.

Such is the ineptitude and inefficacy of the courts to mete out any form of proper justice for the crime that was committed by the baby killers that the system of law in Britain cannot be taken seriously.

“You can do anything here and get a maximum of two or three years. Torture and murder is now part of daily living in the UK. You can go and

The killers will be protected and given new identities and new lives after release in three years.

stab a few people at the bus stop then get a 6 month suspended jail sentence, come out and repeat the process. The Labour government sees fit to protect the rights of killers and murderers as well as paying them off with huge payments to complement their crimes whilst victims get nothing. Living in Britain today, it is actually better to be a criminal because the government will look after you 110%. Criminals get vocational courses in prison, luxury facilities and monthly shopping visits outside supervised by a warden. It’s like a holiday camp where you don’t pay a penny. Why do you think people are jumping over themselves to come over here? It’s a criminals paradise where there is no comeback for crimes and where the innocent are punished needlessly by the state,” the unnamed barrister said.

The UK under Labour is a cesspool of virulent crime where you would be hard pressed to see a policeman on the streets let alone have one turn up if you phone the emergency line. Crime is getting so bad that some residents are hiring their own neighborhood police forces because they have no faith in the regular police.

Friday and Saturday nights are now called ‘Stab Nights’ because that’s when the mass stabbings in the streets get so bad that the blood flows into the gutters. Of course, there are stabbings during weekdays but thankfully not as many as the weekends.

The Daily Squib asked a crime statistician for the UK’s Independent Statistics Board on how they viewed the whole situation: “The UK is the stab capital of the world. You can get stabbed just by looking at one of the thugs roaming the streets. It is dangerous to look at anyone, plus if you want to die quickly, try to ask one of the thugs to keep the noise down in a cinema or congregating in your front garden boozing and shouting. We now have one of the highest crime rates in the world and thanks to Labour’s ineffectual policies of waste and nonsense, they have ruined our country permanently. It may take many generations until the current mess is bred out of the population.”

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