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Monday, July 4, 2022
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Sharon Shoesmith to Take In Baby P Killer As Lodger

LONDON - England - After winning a multi-million pound payoff from Haringey council, former child services leader, Sharon Shoesmith will look after one of the newly released killers of Baby P, it has been revealed.

Evil Unmasked – Baby P Killers Laugh at Law

LONDON - England - The evil torturers of tragic Baby Peter are laughing at Labour's lax and lenient laws and looking forward to their prison releases soon.

Oxford Scholars Debate Which Circle of Hell Baby P's Killers Will...

LONDON - England - While most people are still in shock over the brutal murder of Baby P, some scholars at Oxford University have taken a rather unusual approach to the subject -- they're debating which Circle of Hell Baby P's killers will enter upon their death.

The Amazing 60 Minute Haringey Council Meeting That Sealed Baby P’s...

LONDON - England - Haringey Council spent an astounding 60 minutes of their precious time debating what name to give a crucial meeting designated to decide whether Baby P would stay with his violently abusive psychotic family.

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