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Hazel Blears Trades in her Old Banger for Cash

SALFORD - England - The former Communities Secretary, Hazel Blears MP has taken advantage of the government's new car scrappage scheme and traded in her ten year old banged up Citroen Xsara Picasso for some cash.

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“I’ve taken advantage of the tax system so why not the car scrappage scheme?” Ms Blears told the Manchester Evening News.

The car that Ms Blears gave to be scrapped was barely road worthy with four slashed tires, smashed windscreens and extensive damage to the bodywork.

“We’ve seen some pretty dodgy cars turning up for the scrappage scheme but her car really took the biscuit. It looked like it had done ten rounds with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. Looks like she’s milking the system again eh,” one of the workers for the scheme told ITN news.

Looks like Ms Blears needed the cash after having to make a late payment by cheque for something or other recently.

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