Ku Klux Klan Betrayed by Obama Election Promises

KENTUCKY - USA - There have been rumblings of discontent from the Ku Klux Klan camp after they endorsed Obama for his election campaign last year.

It was meant to be the dream ticket, the endorsement of the century — instead the KKK are regretting they ever endorsed Barack Obama.

“It’s been one thing after another I tell you’se. We, the Ku Klux Klan, endorsed the first ever negro president of the USA and we really thought there was going to be ‘Change’. Sheeit! The boy duped us good. He was all talk and no substance. I don’t want to pay for everybody’s goddamn healthcare, all those ghettos and shit. As soon as the boy declares free health care for everyone what you think’s gonna happen? That’s right, half of Mexico is going to come over the border, hell, they already over here enough anyway,” Grand Turk, Cletus Monroe, told the Squib practically sobbing into his hood.

The Klan leaders across America are all kicking themselves that they were ever sweet talked into endorsing Barack Hussein Obama for president.

“After he became president, thanks to us I might add, Ronnie himself even invited him down to our compound here in Kentucky. He never came, he used us then dumped us. Where was our beer session in the White House garden huh? Thanks for nothing Obama, after all we did for you stupid Muslim b*tch,” Mr Monroe added.

It’s not just the Ku Klux Klan who feel they have been disenfranchised by Barack Hussein Obama, it seems the American people are slowly waking up to the lies as well.

Your move Barack!

  • marcel

    kkk rot in hell you fukin low lives you should die you and your families same for you that vote for them like them or stick up for them

  • ddw

    After reading the previous posts I feel obliged to say that first and foremost I am white; for all of you who are concerned with labels, if you are really concerned with labels I am A poor white person in America, and if you are further concerned with labels I am not poor on a global scale. But back to the point. Color is not the great divide in the United States anymore; Dollars are, pure and simple, the protection of capital is a profound today as it was in post feudal Europe. The poisoning of impressionable young minds is the only legacy of the KKK. Only the weak minded will fall for their hatred based doctrine. In summary the views of the KKK are as dated and as applicable as subsistence farming. Do not judge people based upon their appearance but upon their character and I

  • Nick

    You racist fucks, there is no inferior race… Do something with your life. Don’t bitch about how inferior whites or blacks are on some obscure website and go play soccer on the interstate. At least you could help with the future possibility of overpopulation.

  • TimesUp

    They worked us to the bone for 400 years so they could build they country up and now when it’s time to pay up crackers be renaging on our ass. Fuck da KKK and fuck da honkey pieces of shit

  • keith williams

    The African Lyin’ King – It’s just a cryin’ shame that they didn’t have partial birth abortion when B.O.’s mother got knocked up by that African feller. The guy that takes him out will probably be a senior citizen denied life-prolonging health care. I should hope there would be a fund to aid his family.

  • Nubian Warrior

    The white devil is the cause of all our troubles in the world sometims i wish a big storm would come and take them all away. This world would be a brighter and safer place without the White DEVIL and their evil ways, all they bring is hatred and war, nothing good ever came from the white man and they purged the earth of all that was once good. Someday a great rain will come and wash them away into the rivers of bullshit from where they came from. Fuck whitey! We the massa now! Who laughing now?

  • mj

    why the hell is every 1 on here,sayin fuk all u white honkies n shit???? if we called u names we would be racist WTF? i have been and still am votin for the kkk.

  • Fox

    fuck the KKK…
    they just a bunch of little bitches anyway…

    i still dont fuckin indorse Obama in the least…hell i didnt vote for any of the dumb shits… Mccain, palin…sure as hell not Billary…

    and im fuckin White…and i couldnt give less than a rats ass if the Pressident is Black or White…race means NOTHING to Me!

  • J-R Gaines

    Everybody came frm Africa anyway! We all evolved from Africans so that mean all white racists are African to—chew on dat bitchezzzzz!!!!

  • CON

    This ain’t about white or black this about humans.

    We all the same inside we need to show more love to our neighbors and treat em right.

    The KKK can try and stir as much as they want but we aint going to let em get away with it.

    Love always. PEACE OUT

  • Yayo

    Fuck da KKK
    We rule da roost now bitchez!!!
    Aiyo nevah 4get we in charge now

  • Spanner

    Racism at work – You do realise that to avail of the free healthcare, you will probably need an SSN.

  • Tre

    Y’all honkies need to git wit da program now ax yoselves this..why y’all have to be talkin’ trash about Obama all the time the KKK can go to hell we be the ones ballin now so stop yackin cuz wer’e packin heat nowWhite folk don’t like to be told what to do? Well toughluck losers

  • Calitime

    I hate Obama so much I’d vote for the KKK tomorrow

  • Tawny

    Senator Arlen Specter can kiss my ass we don’t want your stinking healthcare system thats going to coust us serious bucks Obama bite me you socialist prick.

  • Steviej