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White Americans Outraged by Obama's Healthcare Plans

PENNSYLVANIA - USA - President Barack Obama's plans for a nationwide healthcare system akin to the UK's National Health Service has come under intense negative pressure from a major section of the American population.

Here in Lebanon Pennsylvania jeers and taunts ring out from the local town hall where a congregation of locals rail at the new president’s plans to socialise American healthcare. The majority of the assembled crowd are white middle-class and damn angry.

“Why should we have to pay for all the other people to have health care? I’ve worked hard all of my life and I pay for my own health insurance. Why should we end up like the socialist British with their crumbling NHS dealing with binge drinkers all day and night. You have to wait months, even years to get any treatment in the old crumbling, dirty, Victorian hospitals with hardly any facilities,” one man told the assembled crowd of 1,500.

Indeed, it is true, the proponents of socialised healthcare know that those who stand to gain most are the millions of illegal immigrants and mainly African American/Hispanic population who do not have healthcare or will ever have a chance of getting it under a Republican government.

“Why should white people have healthcare and not us? African Americans want to get treated too. Now that Obama is saying we should get healthcare and that white folk should pay for it they’re getting all angry? Well, they needs to grow up for a change,” Elijah Jones, 47, a resident of Detroit told CBS news.

America’s known population is approximately 304 million compared to the UK’s of 60 million people, making a viable NHS style healthcare system an immense burden on America’s already bankrupted taxpayers. Even with the UK’s relatively low population there are serious limitations to treatment and there are cost thresholds for each person’s life.

Britain’s National Institute for Clinical Evidence (NICE), which evaluates treatments in terms of the average increase in life expectancy states that if the cost of prolonging someone’s life for a year exceeds more than £30,000, then the NHS will not pay for that treatment. The NHS thus DOES decide who lives or dies in the UK through a ‘death panel’ and if the Americans were to get their own healthcare system like Britain’s NHS they would have to incorporate a similar system in the United States.

If one looks at the British system, the NHS is on it’s knees with massive black holes in it’s huge budget through mountainous inefficiency and waste which severely puts limitations on the quality of treatment for every individual in the UK. The lack of funding under Labour, as well as the vast increase in the UK’s population due to unfettered immigration has left the NHS moribund and near death.

UK waiting lists for the NHS are huge and most wait for treatment for many years only to die before anything is done for them, that is, unless you are a high ranking Labour politician or part of the hierarchy like a scientist or social technician.

“Here in the UK, anyone can be treated by the NHS, that’s why half of the third world is daily trying to come across the Channel to these islands. Many succeed and are granted leave to remain, thus increasing the burden on society. Britain’s binge and stab culture is also a huge burden on the already overloaded system. Every day the NHS is inundated with millions of patients who want costly treatments costing billions per annum. The NHS is just a huge blackhole for taxpayers money to pay for everyone’s healthcare. So why can’t America do the same thing? You will see the benefits for your populations,” Britain’s Health Minister, Burnham Haemorrhoid MP told a CNN news program about healthcare on Monday.

If you get cancer in England’s NHS system you are consigned to mediocre treatment and a quick death, at least in America there is a good level of service for cancer treatments and the survival rates are much improved than the UK. This may all change of course, if Obama embraces the British system.

Once again, president Barack Obama has opened up a huge festering sore on American society. The US is a fractured nation where inequality is so engrained that it may take an internal war to solve.

Midwest Americans are now joining paramilitary and militia groups so fast that the authorities cannot keep track of them, all it would take is a certain spark to go off and America would be turned into a tinderbox of guns, psychos and pent up anger that has been at boiling point for quite some time now.

As Senator Arlen Specter said on Monday: “There is more anger in America today than at any time I can remember.”

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  1. Why aren’t americans running through the streets with fists raised over this criminal element in D.C???Why can’t american’s see that if obama’s healthcare bill is SO great why does he resort to OUTRAGEOUS BRIBES!! My gosh when will we wake up???!!And now i’m readingsome silly congressman(D) wants to pass behind closed doors a bill allowing for universal voter registration meaning that if passed it WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO VOTE OBAMA AND HIS CRONIES OUT OF OFFICE!!People be afraid..be very afraid and GET MAD!





  3. This is B.S.. Universal right? And who is paying for that universal right? Not illegal immigrants who are taking handouts, definitely not people who are sitting around on the couch without a care about anyone collecting their welfare. Yea those people would love this because they aren’t paying for it. Its everyone else who is working hard that are the ones’ paying for this. If you want to have good things in life then you should work hard for it just like anyone else. Black, white, yellow, who cares, pull your weight. The only people who scream racist are the true racist themselves. I grew up in a time where I’ve had the same opportunities like everyone else and its still like that now. Your character and work ethic is a reflection of who you are. If you don’t want to go to college or

  4. To not have to dwell in the past, and to only live in the now would be great. People need to lay off the racism and get down to buisness. Yes, all human beings are entilted to healthcare, but not at the expense of losing everything we have worked hard for. Native Americans were here first, and still have nothing. So who cares if you are black, white, or yellow right? We need to fight for what’s best for our children, and there future. Lets not let communism come to the USA.

  5. If anyone disagrees with healthcare reform they are racist..plain and simple!

    Don’t let racism win!!!!

  6. Obamacare fully implemented will look nothing like the NHS or any of the European state-funded healthcare setups. It’s about providing basic insurance coverage to those who cannot afford it.

    Can anyone explain to me why access to basic healthcare in ‘the Land of the Free’ should be a privilege and not a right? For crying out loud folks! You have decent citizens moving out of their homes and living in trailers in order to pay for their healthcare…people are even enlisting in the Army so their loved ones can receive a basic level of care!

    Here in the UK the public healthcare system isn’t perfect but it works damn well in 99.9% of cases. Private health insurance is available for those who prefer to pay, but I’d rather stick to having free medicines, free access to my physician,

  7. HAHAH BWAH haha I want to see the Americans get their just desserts so bad this is cracking me up…hey enjoy your socialism dudes!!! I’m going to open up another can and watch the whole place go up in flames over this ..HAHAHAHAH

  8. What the hell did the stupid americans expect they elected a socialist president? good luck to them let them see what it’s like now.

  9. I personally love the NHS they’ve done so much for me and my family. I don’t think the Americans understand what it is to go to a hospital and get treated without question or payment. In the UK we do, I can go and have a major operation and not have to pay a penny there and then.

    America is such a bad place to live in when if you get ill you have to pay for your treatment. Unbeliveable they need to treat their people better.

  10. The NHS started off good but is now on the border of extinction, it is an aged dinosaur not capable of coping with the workload of a tiny country which has been packed to the rafters. We’re like rats on a ship packed together on this tiny island and the Labour government is letting more ans more people come over here. Labour can print as much paper money as they want, we’re one step away from Zimbabwe in the UK. Its only a matter of time.

  11. Go to any A&E in England and all you will see is drunks and druggies taking up NHS resources. If the NHS wants to be effective they need to throw these wasters out and deal with the people who really need medical help…!

  12. I’m sorry but this is retarded, I live in the UK and I can say comfortably and without a doubt that our health care is on of the best in the world, a lot of what was stated in this story is ficticious and opinionated, for my 23 years of free healthcare (born uk citizen) I have had the best treatment you could phisically pay for.

    my girlfriend has had many health problems due to genetic disorders and has again received excellent service equal to that of what those in a higher pay band (so none average citizen) in america get, if she was however born in the US with the extortionate insurance prices per year she would be dead. think of it like this, its just a little more on your tax but it will not be any where near as expensive as how much you pay yearly for the insurance, because

  13. I heard it’s that asshole Bill O’Reilly and Hannity who are behind all this BS and scaremongering, well I bet those idiots get the best healthcare doctors and insurance . How come the shittiest people get to live and the rest of us have to survive with nothing?

  14. I don’t want no NHS in America oh my god the horror stories i hear from my friends in the UK. too many people, now if you’re in Sweden thats a different story they got good healthcare because there are only 9 million people in the country. That’s when you can have the resources but look what happened to the UK wot a nightmare. no way would we want that totranslate to the US, Obama is dreaming he ‘s living in La La land. We’re going to fight this all the way and this is going to bring him down

  15. The best thing you can do if you live in the UK is never get ill, I can’t emphasise that enough.

  16. It has always been about race!!!Let me say I agree with Obama. I say we should all have healthcare, it IS A UNIVERSAL RIGHT! Instead of spending all the money for the white man’s wars in far lands we should feed and clothe our own, we should have healthcare for all including the so-called illegal immigrants, it is their human right too! Anyone who say otherwise is a racist and has no part to play in the 21st century!!!

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