Cheney Caught Torturing Waiter During Lunch Restaurant Visit

LANGLEY - Virginia - Former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney was caught torturing a waiter at a local restaurant.


“Dick ordered the veal and baby potatoes, then this vicious look came over his face. He took out this leather bag, and dipped into it to get one of his tools, I think it was a thumb screw,” one of Cheney’s guests at the restaurant recalled to CNN.

Cheney then proceeded to torture the head waiter behind the profiterole display, and diners enjoying their meals looked on with fright.

“What you gonna do, go up to the former vice president of the United States and tell him not to do that stuff? My wife and I just carried on eating even though the man’s groans were getting louder and louder. After Cheney finished, he got back to his chair, straightened out his shirt, smiled and put a load of food in his mouth,” Ed Bernstein, a retired proctologist told Fox5 news.

Turns out Dick Cheney and his party of eight got a free meal that day.

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