Experts: Putin Could Be New Face of NWO

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The ranks of the NWO do get ruffled when plans go awry, although who is to say that Putin is not part of the overall plan anyway.


Dwight Lemelaker, chief researcher for the Global Hegemony think tank based in Washington D.C. revealed some insights into the current geopolitical debacle blighting the world at the moment.

“Consider the point that Putin and successive Russian leaders post-Perestroika were playing the globalisation game with the West, however, we all know that even at the highest summits of power, there is a highly honed sense of competition for the ultimate prize. Russia was cooperative with new world leaders up to a point, but then something clicked. Maybe it was a ‘Eh, we don’t actually need these guys anyway’ moment.

“Earth’s resources are finite, the population grows daily as limited resources dwindle. It is inevitable that there will be conflict over the remaining earth’s resources. With the massive increase in population growth, the human stock loses value, it is purely an oversupply issue. Globalisation in the West, is very much under way, however Russia and China have resisted on many tangents and variables, especially the influx of millions of outsiders into their borders. If one is to study Britain today, it is completely unrecognisable population wise to what it was twenty years ago. President Obama is now increasing globalist efforts in the United States and will bring millions more people from poor South American nations.

“Which faction will gain the NWO prize, or will there be a mutually assured destruction moment? To achieve results, it is always necessary to have push and pull factors, this way the overseers can construct carefully geared plans over the top of the theatrics. Distraction is key to rearranging chess pieces on the board, look at WW2, and how the global mass was rearranged and the United Nations/NATO were created.

“Time is running out and stops for no one, as sure as the climate changes, so the population of the planet grows and grows and grows, and the elites have no qualms about ramming a six inch blade into the back of another elite. There is no honour amongst those who want the ultimate prize for their people alone. Globalisation, especially in the West has been a great weapon in fracturing nations through vast influxes of people from elsewhere. This technique creates uncertainty, chaos, anger and fear, it destabilises indigenous populations. Russia and China resisted these techniques, and this is why they are being punished right now.

“The Russian black swan reaches for the skies, and this time, 2015 will be the final curtain for the house of cards denoting the Western banks. All Russia has to do is say it will not pay its debt to Western banks, citing a weak ruble. How about stopping all gas flow to NATO nations? A multi-tiered financial defence plan could reduce Western nations to mere cinders in a matter of days.

“Vladimir Putin most probably knows the plan, and even though Russia is being punished economically for not following the NWO, he knows that the world could be ruled completely by Russia one day, if he plays his cards right, the spoils could be all his. With a weak West, slow on movement, lazy and liberal, the time is now for Russia to move. Obama has shown how weak he is militarily and geopolitically, this is why Putin must act decisively with haste, and no mercy before the 2016 US elections and someone with actual balls becomes president.”