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CIA May Have to Torture Obama Over Secret Memos Leak

LANGLEY - USA - The Central Intelligence Agency plans on showing Barack Obama some of the interrogation techniques they employ first hand after he exposed them in memos last week.

Cheney and Bush to Personally Oversee Shoe-Thrower Hero’s Torture

TEXAS - USA - The Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at George Bush, gaining instant hero status in much of the Arab world, has today been sentenced to three years torture at the hands of Cheney and Bush.

Cheney Angry at Obama Torture Ban

WYOMING - USA - Dick Cheney, the former U.S. Vice President is said to be fuming at the recent ban on torture in the United States by incoming President, Barack Obama.

New Extreme Sport: Waterboarding Increasing in Popularity

WASHINGTON DC - A new craze has taken America by storm and is sweeping the extreme sports world off its feet.

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