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Communist Spy Agent Cob Has New Mission: Stop Brexit

LONDON - England - Brexit is once again under threat, this time from former Soviet era spy, Agent Cob and his underlings.

Former Soviet spy during the Cold War and active agent to the EU, Agent Cob, has a new mission, to stop Brexit.

“Comrades, I have been given new orders from our masters in the EU Commission, and that is to somehow get into power, and then have a Brexit, where there is no actual Brexit. We will do this by staying in the customs union and single market therefore nothing will change before or after ‘Brexit’. This cunning plan will be administered by me and other agents who are implanted in the Tory government. Hardworking agents like Anna Soubry (Agent 45) and Nicky Morgan (agent 36), Dominic Grieve (agent 22) and other traitors to Britain.”

Speaking from his dacha, agent Cob left coded messages to those who wish to betray Britain and condemn it to continual rule from Brussels forever.

Under the current permissive climate, treason is perfectly allowed in the UK, and the security forces are turning a blind eye to those who betray Britain’s interests for money and other benefits.

Thanks to Tony Blair (agent 666), who repealed the 1795 Treason Act in 1998, treachery against Britain is now rife.

Many agents working against Britain rely on special payments from Brussels delivered in brown envelopes at secret locations, and continue their anti-Brexit plots with impunity due to the lax treason laws in Britain today.

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