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Infowars Under Attack: We Don’t Always Agree With What You Say, But Defend Your Right to Say What You Want With Our Lives

TEXAS - USA -The Infowars site run by Alex Jones is currently under attack from Google and other left wing media networks. Under the tenets of democracy and free speech they have all the right to say what they are saying.

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Infowars, is under attack from YouTube and America’s liberal media.

Here is a site built up primarily by Alex Jones, a man passionate in libertarian rights, who is circumnavigating the blatant censorship by media forces by selling his own brand of health products, just so that he can continue running the show. Jones has every right to do and say what he is saying.

Down in the trenches, the Daily Squib has also been affected by the Google push to clamp down on free speech, and censor the Internet of any thought that does not follow socialist viewpoints.

We were booted from Google news feed, our site practically erased from search and our YouTube channel demonetised and ghost banned. There were also numerous threats to halt our revenue unless we took down certain articles.

We know first hand that free speech is now under attack from Internet giants who are effectively bullying little minnows like the DS. That tells us that we may be small but what we say has power, because you have gone to great lengths to shut us down at every opportunity. We have fought for ten years tooth and nail for freedom of speech and our right to write our brand of satire.

Alex Jones and his Infowars team have the right to say what they want. So, we may not always agree but you have the right to free speech and we would defend that right with our lives.

What does Google want, an Internet where every opinion is the same? Where the only views you see are written by ‘yes men’ on the socialist payroll?

That dystopian vision is something Orwell would have understood in the Ministry of Truth where doublespeak is king and censorship, the norm.

The socialists always claim they are inclusive, progressive and fair. Not from the massive censorship we have seen, you are not. Any opinion other than yours is immediately blacklisted and either deleted or relegated to Internet no man’s land.

I urge Infowars and all the others to fight, and we will fight beside you in the name of free speech. We will fight with all our might to the last man standing. Fight and never give up our rights.

No Retreat No Surrender

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