State Legislatures: Schools Will Have Firearm Trained Teachers By Next Year

FLORIDA - USA - Schools will train teachers in firearms usage across America after the recent tragic shootings which killed 17 pupils.

In accordance with new laws governing the safety of children in schools, the Federal School Board has agreed with President Donald Trump’s suggestion that teachers should be armed in class.

Dionne Fenwick, a school board member at Grassy Knoll High School in Winstow, Alabama, was one of the key proponents to the new legislation which will train teachers in the use of firearms.

“First things first. What would you prefer — an unarmed teacher unable to protect her class from a shooter, or a highly trained gun toting teacher that can shoot an invading shooter and save her class?”

After the recent tragic shootings in Florida where 17 children lost their lives after a crazed ex-pupil doped up on antidepressants and Antifa brainwashing shot up the school, there was no way of defending the kids. If there had been someone in the school with firearms knowledge, those 17 kids would be alive today.

President Trump has vowed that new legislation will allow teachers to have heavy duty machine guns and pistols in class, just in case there is a shooter scenario.

“The teachers will be trained in firearms, in safety and taught how to deal with shooters in an emergency situation. The classrooms will have secure areas where the firearms will be kept,” Bill Emerson, headteacher at Johnson Mitre High School, Michigan, told a recent CNN report.