BAD DEAL: Weak Theresa May to Pay EU Ransom 100 Billion Euros

BRUSSELS - Belgium - Theresa May has capitulated to the EU ransom demands and will pay them 100 Billion euros.

Margaret Thatcher would have never bent over and got fucked by the EU, especially after their criminal ransom demands, but Britain is different today, and at its helm is Theresa May, who has capitulated to the erroneous demands of the EU and will be parting with 100 Billion euros of taxpayers money.

By playing a weak hand, Mrs May has consigned Britain to the dustbin of history, and ruined any sort of Brexit that voters voted for on June 23, 2016.

David Davies, the chief negotiator has not achieved anything, and neither have any Brexiteers within the Cabinet.

The money that will be thrown into the EU black hole will no doubt be spent on even more useless socialist projects, wasted on propping up the Greek failing economy or just given to poor beggar nations like Romania, Italy or Spain who are vastly in debt.

The advice to Mrs. May is to just shoot yourself in the head because you have condemned Britain not only to donkey status in the world, but to be laughed at for eternity.

This is what has happened to a country that won two world wars, once had a vast empire straddling the world, and commanded respect from other nations.

When Britain could have easily traded using WTO rules, and left without paying a penny, as told by WTO leader Roberto Azevedo, Theresa May has basically shit on this country, and shit on the millions of people who voted to get out of the EU.