Diluted Brexit: Britons Must Rise Up Against Gross Injustice

LONDON - England - As the traitorous Remainers pat themselves on the back for watering down Brexit, there is real anger amongst the population.

Having a Brexit in name only while still being ruled by Brussels is not something 53% of voters voted for on June 23, 2016.

Such a pathetic waste of time and money has already been spent on watered down talks, on Project Fear and on placating the unelected EU technocrats who rule over every facet of our lives.

Is this justice, is this how Britain does things? When the majority of the population voted to get completely out of the EU, that is what we meant, there can be no middle way, or hankering to the Commission.

Unfortunately we now have a Brexit team ruled by Remainers like Philip Hammond, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who puts a spanner in the works to every step forward a Brexiteer makes.

With real Brexiteers like Jacob Rees-Mogg locked out of Brexit proceedings, the watering down continues much to the celebration of pro-EU lobby.

The Prime Minister, is complicit in this betrayal of the people, and the sickening walk backwards into the EU quagmire. Theresa May, herself a Remainer, is a disgrace not only to the EU Referendum vote, but to the people of Britain and there is no excuse for her constant backtracking and U-turns.

If the vote that was concluded on June 23, 2016 is not met, eventually there will be civil unrest in the streets, civil disorder across the country will be the norm, and the untrustworthy government ousted. This action will come sooner than later, and the Conservatives will have only themselves to blame for reneging on their false promises for so long.

Anything other than Brexit is a bad deal, the so-called ‘Soft Brexit’ is a bad deal, the capitulation to Brussels¬†over EU law is a bad deal , the ‘transition period’ is a bad deal, the paying of any punitive made up bills is a bad deal. Bad, bad, bad!

Bad deal = walk away

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