Italy Referendum: Going the Same Way of Greece

ROME - Italy - We must congratulate the Italians who have taken a step towards freeing themselves from the communist EU entity, however there is a long, long way to go for any anti-EU party takeover.


There will no doubt be a general election now in Italy, which in effect will determine whether Italy regains its sovereignty from the octopus grip of the totalitarian regime in Brussels, or it continues to limp along as a slave.

This Italian referendum is a positive step in Italy regaining its sovereignty, and democracy if an anti-EU party is elected with the coming election.

We have to however warn the Italians that freeing their nation from the EU will be a hard won task, not only because of treachery within their own ranks, but freeing yourselves from an authoritarian totalitarian entity like the EU is almost impossible.

The Brussels politburo will not only make it very hard for Italy, but they will try and install a eurocrat as administrator to thwart the decision and will of the people.

We have seen in the UK referendum how the treachery played out to flout the June 23 decision led by a minority of treasonous people and their cronies attempting to thwart 52% of voters has played out.

No doubt, Juncker’s henchmen are beginning proceedings to install a Eurocrat into the post vacated by outgoing PM Renzi, a similar stance was implemented on an unruly Greece not long ago.

Unfortunately for the Greeks, they were lied to by the Marxist, Tsipras, who promised the people freedom from the EU on the run-up to election, but subsequently backed down and bent over for the EU after election.

The same thing will probably happen in Italy.