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MARANELLO - Italia – The first official images of Ferrari’s latest limited-edition special series have been published in the build-up to its world première, which will be broadcast live on the Maranello marque’s social media channels on May 5 at 14:30 CEST.

Fear and Loathing From the Coronavirus Ridden Streets of Milan

MILANO - Italia - What's it like to be shut down in this coronavirus swept city of Milan, a place where the streets and squares once bustled with millions of people, now all shut away. Read the story from an insider, warts and all.

One Car Which You Would Be Honoured to be Run Over...

ROME - Italy - The new Ferrari Roma is possibly the best car to come out of Maranello for a long time. Check it out.

Milan Fashion Week Video – Hotel MFW

MILANO - Italia - Hotel MFW is a must-see fashion film celebrating the beginning of Milan Fashion Week.

Be Ready – Milan Fashion Week SS/19

ITALY - The Milan-based production company The Blink Fish returns with the latest fashion film produced for the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (National Chamber of Italian Fashion).

Daily Squib Editor Invited to Bilderberg 18

TORINO - Italia - This year's Bilderberg meeting will be heavy with thought and agenda, but tempered with exquisite surroundings and cuisine.

The Italian Job: EU Technocrat Sent By Germany Dissolves Any Thoughts...

ROMA - Italia - Once again the EU has robbed the Italian people's vote, thus reducing any thought of democracy to the dung heap of EU soviet totalitarian policy.

Bravo Italia! Could the Italian People Break Free From EU Prison?

ROME - Italy - The eurosceptic political party, 5Star Movement has come ahead in the Italian elections. Could this be a way out for the country from the EU prison?

Venice Trattoria Charges Jap Tourists 450,000 Euros For Fish Platter

VENICE - Italy - When it comes to ripping off tourists, the Italians are numero uno.

Italy Referendum: Going the Same Way of Greece

ROME - Italy - We must congratulate the Italians who have taken a step towards freeing themselves from the communist EU entity, however there is a long, long way to go for any anti-EU party takeover.

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