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Bravo Italia! Could the Italian People Break Free From EU Prison?

ROME - Italy - The eurosceptic political party, 5Star Movement has come ahead in the Italian elections. Could this be a way out for the country from the EU prison?

The EU much like the Mafia, is almost impossible to extricate from. In the Mafia, there are only two ways to exit, death or betrayal and lifelong anonymity looking over your shoulder.

The EU, we have seen is much like the same as the Mafiosi. The EU winds and side steps at every point avoiding any form of exit of a country it has imprisoned within its economic steel walls. It is a prison without walls you can see, but the walls are there nevertheless.

There is only one way of exiting the EU, that is through non-conformity and disobeying its Stasi rules. That is the only way to go with some form of dignity anyway. Yes, there are other avenues, but these mean that you never leave the strongarm leash of the EU, and are forever tied to its prison rules.

The jailers are the unelected European Union officials of the EU Commission, who are pampered denizens of high class escorts, unlimited expense accounts and international luxury travel. Naturally, these elite few at the top enjoy their vast pay packets, their 18-year-old ladies ushered into their hotel rooms, and their daily gourmet food in Europe’s finest restaurants. The members of the EU Commission do not want one of their cash cow countries, which provide good tax revenue, to leave. It is almost like a pimp in a bordello losing one of their working girls, it invariably means a loss of income, and then, what if this sets off others leaving? C’est très dangereux!  Es ist sehr gefährlich!

To see some dissent now in Italy is a relief, however as it has happened countless times, the dissent will be quashed and the European Union will install their own technocrat to restore rule.

Southern Italy has practically been destroyed by mass illegal immigration from Sub Saharan and North Africa. This is the primary reason that the 5Star Movement, has come through so well in the recent election.

Whether they will be able to form a legitimate government, coalition or not is a big question, and the EU will be working night and day to thwart this insult to their conquered Italian EU province.

Time to fire up the V8, step on the metal…andare avanti..

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