One Car Which You Would Be Honoured to be Run Over By: The Ferrari Roma

ROME - Italy - The new Ferrari Roma is possibly the best car to come out of Maranello for a long time. Check it out.

This is one car which most guys would drag their balls over a mile of broken glass to own, and drive. The symmetry and curves on this beast are a testament to Italian engineering and style encapsulating the 1950s and 60s. The tailored trim interior, immaculately stitched, the futuristic cockpit instruments, the purring V8, the streamlined curves that could easily be found on a space ship in the year 3000.

“Usually when I see a Ferrari, it’s like, yeah, it’s a Ferrari, but when I saw this car, my eyeballs nearly flew out of my noggin, this thing is a work of art, a Michelangelo, a Da Vinci, and it exemplifies La Dolce Vita to a T, or Sophia Lauren’s erect nips after a fast espresso in the morning,” one man said before sitting down sobbing gently into a tissue.

The Roma, is built on pure elegance and style, but don’t give it to James Bond, as it will surely end up a wreck at the bottom of the river Tiber.

Maranello has outdone itself this time for sure, to guarantee best-in-class performance whilst still retaining the stylistic purity of its bloodline, Ferrari’s engineers developed several leading-edge technologies, most notably a mobile rear spoiler integrated into the rear screen designed to retain the car’s formal elegance when retracted and guarantee enough downforce by automatically deploying at high speeds.

As for the interior, buckle up because you could actually live in here for years without ever getting tired of it, the attention to detail is astounding.

Performance wise, 0 – 100kmh in 3.4 seconds is good enough for any designated driver leaving a bank robbery with 20 million euros of loot in the 345 litre capacity boot.

This monochrome Italian stallion delivers 612bhp between 5750 and 7500rpm, with 591lb ft of torque between 3000 and 5750rpm and a top speed over 200kmh.

Driving the Ferrari Roma is an exquisite loin pleasing pleasure with five drive modes, and a Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer function that can control the yaw angle of the car by hydraulically adjusting the brake pressure.

If travelling with a suitable female in the passenger seat, be sure to put a thick towel down before she gets in, as her laced knickers will soon swim with the sheer enthusiasm of the trip back to your place for a coffee.

At a cool starting price of £175,000 ($225,327) the Ferrari Roma is certainly affordable for the rich. If you’re poor though, you’re poo out of luck unless you win the lottery or rob a bank without getting caught — the last point, we do not suggest you do.

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