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Globalism Will Not Be Thwarted by Brexit, Trump – it Will Speed Up

LONDON - England - Globalists have nothing to fear by Brexit or the rise of Donald Trump, for a very good reason, these elements work for globalism.

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Where the EU was a protectionist racket in trade, Britain through Brexit is a global trading partner open to deals, whereas the EU is restrictive.

The same applies to the business dealings of Trump, who will access trade deals all over the globe, yet bring back some manufacturing to the U.S. which will increase global exports of American products globally.

As for the EU, there is no reason why it cannot survive and thrive without Britain. The U.K. outside the EU should not mean ties will be lost, instead they could be strengthened. The EU should be left alone to pursue its dream of a superstate and EU army.

The New World Order still has a long way to go to achieve its goal of complete union, partly due to the numerous rogue states which need to be reined in.

Unfortunately, to rush things with global war is messy and costly for all sides, but the only positive factor for war is the speeding up of the process of change. To annihilate the old, one must have a clean slate, so that the new can be introduced effectively upon a cleansed landscape.

Henry Kissinger, the head of the Bilderberg group, already has consulted with the president-elect Trump, and no doubt, a few choice words were administered to the incoming president.

Globalism is much like water, and it flows through all obstacles adjusting and covering as much ground as possible.

The Internationalists always win, because they have thousands of homes within one home and many hats to play with.

When Angela Merkel holds an inverted pyramid within her hand, this means that the next move is a populist driven motive, still controlled by the apex of the pyramid. Whichever way you see the pyramid the capstone always controls everything, and the populist movements may not even realise they are being controlled. This is the beauty of Technique.


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  1. How ignorant you are, the people will revolt against globalism, we will not go quietly into the night, much like Leonidas of Sparta in the Battle of Thermopylae we the people will take as many of you down with us.

    • You are a fuck1ng idiot if you think Trump is not part of the administration circle.

      His role will be to get China and Russia into the global agenda.

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