EU Army: Daily Squib Accurately Predicted Today’s News in 2012

LONDON - England - The Daily Squib predicted the EU army in 2012.

Sure, people laugh at our stories sometimes, or maybe cry more likely, or just skip to some banal website where one does not have to think, but it is true to say that we predict the future in more ways than one.

Our motto here at the Squib is ‘Fuck it’ if it comes into our brains from some heavenly muse it must be okay.

And so when no one was talking about the EU army in 2012, we were, and no one even considered such a thing to be possible, all the poo pooing is finally coming around. Today’s news that the EU army is being finalised and will be an agitant to Russia, is vindicating but leaves a slight sour taste in one’s palate.

The Squib may be ignored by all media entities and corporate organisations peddling their shallow lies daily but even though we’re predominantly satirical we hit the bulls eye more than they do. We like meat and potatoes, and we also like to dig right through to the bone.

If one wishes for a glimpse into the future, satire can be a prophetic tool – purely because however outlandish some of our stories are, we are living in times where the crazy can indeed come true.

Satire is also a vehicle to convey truth more deeply than any media broadcasting company around today, what they state as fact is usually not the case but some statistic fed to them from a governmental office somewhere with usually skewed results.

There are no algorithms for our brand of satire, and that’s why we fall foul of the Americanised politically correct companies who have taken over the internet and its operation, naming no names.

As for the Remoaners, it is sort of a shame that we may one day Brexit, because it would have been so nice to see you lot conscripted into Juncker’s EU army and have your legs blown off at the knee. How much would you like the EU then?

So, we predicted the EU army in 2012. Where’s our fucking medal? You say there’s no medal for predictions? Aww..shucks..

Angela Merkel Calls For Creation Of A ‘True European Army’ Nov 13, 2018