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The Right Candidate: Hardcore Hillary Even Campaigned With Pneumonia

WASHINGTON D.C - USA - Just like Britain's Maggie Thatcher, Hillary Clinton is a woman of steel who can campaign even whilst suffering from severe pneumonia.

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You want the stats, the evidence, the real deal, here is a woman who had severe pneumonia which frickin’ kills people campaigning, doing tours, doing speeches.

If that ain’t a show of strength what the hell is there? Hillary Clinton kept on going even though she was severely sick, and this is the test of true presidential grit and determination.

If Trump stubs his toe, or even catches a cold he’s out for the count. Hillary is the real mettle, the real deal and she needs to be applauded for her dedication to office and the United States of America.

America needs strength right now, and it needs strength done in the right way, not wrong way. Hillary is the right person because she has a calculated strength as well as experience in dealing with people in office and on the world stage. Trump knows shit. He is a loudmouth, uncouth jibber jabberer who is all talk and no action, his obese fat body blubbering away while his fat mouth spouts nonsense and truly dumb rhetoric.

You want an adult or a kid as president? Because voting for Trump will get you an irrational psychotic 11-year-old girl as president, but voting for Hillary will get you an adult, who knows how things work, and knows what needs to be done in a cool calculated manner without creating mayhem and total chaos.

You want to live vote Hillary. You want to die vote Trump. He’ll send your kids over to the Middle East to get their legs blown off. That’s guaranteed.

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