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EU: “Jump!” Theresa May: “How High?”

LONDON - England - The EU is increasing their federalist state daily, imposing restrictions on nations within the soviet bloc, punishing nations with fines, increasing migration, implementing an EU Army separate from NATO, yadda yadda yadda..

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What more reason does Theresa May have to implement Article 50 to complete the mandate of the people of the United Kingdom?

Let us not forget that the majority of people in Britain voted to leave the EU in the EU referendum conducted on June 23 2016.

Since that wonderful day there has only been delaying tactics, and the instatement of Theresa May, a Remain campaigner into office has seen even more delaying tactics.

It’s That Article 50 Time

Article 50 must be triggered now. We must trigger Article 50 immediately and there must be no traitorous treachery from the infiltrated crony warehouse: the House of Lords, or from the remaining Remoaners who are predominantly stalwart Marxists.

Trade negotiations will fall into place as they are already doing. As for the Single Market, or what used to be called the Common Market, Britain must reject it because the four tenets required include free movement of people which is unusable with an EU that has porous Schengen zone borders, and this is why many people voted to get out of the EU on June 23.

We Must Invoke Article 50 Now

Free movement of people in the EU is a blight on Britain and has filled our streets with beggars, Romanian gypsies and whoever else simply walked into Europe. It has increased the government’s welfare bill hundredfold, furthermore, the NHS is on its last legs and will have to start charging people soon for medical aid.

Britain is full to the brim, and its roads, designed for the horse and cart, are stuck in permanent traffic.

The overcrowded schools where some children have to sit in a class of fifty, and our hospital beds where to get one if you are dying is a luxury, is a disgrace to the tenets of decency.

Article 50

Public transport is a mess especially in London, where people are crammed into carriages coughing and spluttering, the smell of death hangs over the whole transport system.

Overcrowded jobs market, and the jobs, underpriced by migrants and EU grafters who come here, get paid a pittance and send the money home. EU migrants do not benefit Britain as much of their pay is sent immediately to their homelands, as well as their child benefits to their children abroad.

Invoke Article 50 Now

Romanian kingpins and their grotesque mansions are popping up all over the place, all paid for by tax credits and imaginary children. Forged documents are too easy to come by, and these criminals are receiving £5,000 per month from UK benefits.

Did We Mention Article 50?

We must invoke article 50 right now if Britain is to be saved from this dire mess. Do it! Do it now! This is a matter of grave urgency.

Theresa May has to stand by her word to invoke article 50, to get us out of the EU once and for all.

Do it now press the button.


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