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Sarkozy: “We Let the Migrants into France So We Are Liable For Calais Jungle”

PARIS - France - Former French president, Nikolas Sarkozy has admitted that it is France's fault that the Calais Jungle refugee camp was created.

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“Due to free movement policies of the EU within the Schengen zone, of which France is a member, migrants can simply walk across any border into Europe from anywhere in the world. Britain is not a member of the Schengen zone so it is not their problem. I would like to apologise profoundly to the British people and government for French stupidity and arrogance. It is our fault, and our mess. We are really sorry and beg for forgiveness for our folly.”

Speaking on the live broadcast on France 2 television he also denied that he is accusing the migrant population of “all evils” insisting there are issues that have to be addressed.

Mr Sarkozy was reacting to questions from members of the public and specifically discussed the issue of the migrant crisis focusing directly on Africa.

And he said migrants should be transported back to Africa so they can be processed to prevent the clog up and further issues caused by the problems at Calais, but EU regulations prevented such actions.

“Once anyone crosses into the EU border they have the right to stay. This is why millions of people from Africa and the Middle East, South East Asia are coming over. The Schengen zone is also a great place for terrorism to flourish, as well as human trafficking and drug running. Welcome to Europe, please all come to France, you are all welcome mes amis,” Sarkozy added.

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