Clueless Cameron Threatens War Unless Britain Loses Sovereignty to EU

LONDON - England - If Britain stays in the EU, there will be war. This is a truth contrary to the duplicitous lies being spouted by David Cameron today.


Sir Winston Churchill, despite claims from the Strongerin camp, would have been disgusted at the state of the EU today. He certainly would have baulked at the Schengen zone which allows free movement of terrorists and he would have fought tooth and nail against the subjugation of Britain to an almighty Germanic EU Reich Empire.

Churchill wished for an Anglo-Franco union, but instead what we have today is a Germano-Franco union where Britain is the cash cow, feeding the EU £19.1 billion per year to be stifled, vetoed and inundated by millions of parasitic EU citizens taking our resources, flooding our hospitals and schools, as well as taking jobs away from British citizens.

In World War II millions of people died to free Europe from the Nazis and yet here is Lord Haw Haw Cameron wanting Britain to give up their whole nation to the German Empire for a pittance.

What Cameron is in essence saying is that the brave people who died to ensure Britain’s freedom in the world wars ‘Died for Nothing‘ because Cameron is handing Britain back into the hands of the enemy on a platter.

An EU army would be the cause of war more than anything else, because it would be seen as a direct threat to Russia on its doorstep. Already, the EU are guilty of poking the Russian bear with a stick with their actions in the Ukraine resulting in Putin annexing the Crimea.

David Cameron is a disgrace, a lowly tin-pot bullying dictator who utilises fear tactics on the populace to make them bend to his traitorous wishes.

You must ignore everything David Cameron says, he is lying through his teeth with every ridiculous utterance.

We Will Vote Leave on June 23 and there is NOTHING they can do to change our minds.

  • David Charles Bradbury

    Why do Torys enjoy doing horrid things, and as for war well that is what we should expect from mad Ca Moron, I wish to be a proud Brit, lets execute the horrid nazi …Ca Moron Hitler…any volunteers please ?

  • Doom Sternz

    This is who David Cameron is………..Millions of pounds of British money channeled to Syria has ended up in the hands of Takfiri Daesh terrorist group, a UK government report says. The money that ended up in Daesh hands came from financial support sent to the so-called “moderate” terrorists operating to topple the government in Syria over the past five years.

    The British Government Department for International Development (DFID) has admitted to sending £510 million of British aid since 2011. This money has gone to the so-called “moderate” terrorists.

    Britain has been funding terrorist organisations for 5 years now to overthrow the legitimate government of Syria. This money was knowingly used for mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide.