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EU Referendum – Daddy, Why Did Grandad Die For Nothing in World War II?

LONDON - England - If Britain votes to stay through the EU referendum all the Brits who fought and died in World War II died for nothing.

“My grandfather fought the Nazis, and he lost his life fighting for Britain. All together 39 million Allied forces and civilians died in World War II and what for? To be ruled again by the Fourth Reich and France under the EU? Is that it? All the blood, the bombs, the shrapnel, the legs blown off, the drowning, the bullets, the pain and suffering was for nothing? This is why Britain should never be ruled by any other nation but itself. Do you get where I’m coming from?” a man at a bus stop said on Thursday.

When David Cameron lays a wreath at the Cenotaph, can he honestly say that he is honouring those brave soldiers and civilians who died for their country, especially when he is willing to give over sovereignty to the EU? No, is this simple answer, because when he lays a wreath, he is doing so as a traitor. If he were around during World War II, Cameron would be tried for treason, for betrayal and hanged in disgrace.

One thing that no news service in the mainstream is mentioning is that if Britain votes to stay in in the EU referendum, that will be game over for the UK. There are numerous pertinent points to mention, the EU is a one way system, and once closer union is realised this means total control over every facet of Britain.

Do you want your sons and daughters to be drafted in the EU army? Well, if Britain stays in, you will have no choice.

Do you as a Briton value choice? Do you value freedom? If you vote to stay in the EU, you will get none and not only that, the blood of millions of people who died fighting WW1 and WW2 will be on your hands. You will be the traitor as you look in the mirror every morning, you will be the coward, the treacherous treasonous one who voted for the death of your own country, and from which your ancestors and their ancestors fought for. You!

No amount of economic bribery and blackmail is worth giving away the British Isles.

EU Referendum: Will You Vote For Britain or Vote to Be a Traitor to Your Country?

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