No Brexit Plan Says Osborne Because We Will Ensure Britain Stays in EU

LONDON - England - No Brexit Plan says George Osborne. His statement is an arrogant signal that the vote is already confirmed.

“You may vote to get out of the Soviet EU, but your vote will not count. Our propaganda and our shady dealings at the polling offices will ensure that,” Chancellor George Osborne told the BBC.

The people don’t matter

The No Brexit Plan statement is also another signal that the government (which plans pretty much everything sometimes 50 years in advance) is so assured of winning the EU Referendum that they can make ridiculous claims like that.

Has George Osborne finally shot himself in the foot?

“Georgie has been a good-ish boy up until now, what with keeping a lid on the economy, but this latest No Brexit Plan thing is rather off. I think he needs a rest maybe, some time away from the pressure,” a raring to go EU Referendum voter revealed on Friday.