Pulling Out Too Fast of EU Referendum Would be Premature Says PM

LONDON - England - David Cameron says he has 'already made calls' to other European leaders as he attempts to claw back powers from Brussels with a projected EU referendum next year.

Prime Minister David Cameron, is appealing to eurosceptics within the Conservative party: “I would like to reiterate the point that it would be in Britain’s interests to stay in the EU, purely on an economic basis. If we pull out too early, there would be an almighty mess and it would be a premature splurge. I have agreed on an In-Out EU referendum, and a bit of In-Out is okay in my book, we must pump the EU for as many reforms as we can, that is if that Junckers Stuka cockblocker does not get in the way of our toing and froing. Legs akimbo, the EU wants full entry for the UK, but releasing all our stuff over its leg won’t do either, we must penetrate deep and change things to suit our interests, not theirs.”