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Lady KaKa Wants You to Vote For a Corrupt Commie Lover

LOS ANGELES - USA - Lady KaKa obviously has no morals or dignity, because she wants you to vote for a corrupt Joe Biden in the election.


She’s Italian American, probably a member of the Bonacessi Mafia family, and warbles to shitty electro-disco music for woofters, so she’s obviously corrupt as hell, that’s why Lady KaKa has no scruples and is brown-nosing for the Biden Crime Family.


During her pleading speech dressed condescendingly as a redneck, Lady KaKa took a sip of some beer then threw it on the ground spilling it everywhere. That’s about as un-American as anyone can get right there, no American in their right mind would ever waste beer like that, it’s incomprehensible to many.

At no time does Lady KaKa mention Hunter Biden, or the 10% he gave to Joe Biden from illegal business deals in the Ukraine or China. She did not mention how Hunter Biden is a crack cocaine addict and has a penchant for incest with his underage relatives, as revealed in phone conversations with Jim Biden. She also does not mention the long inappropriate showers Joe Biden had with his underage daughter Ashley Biden as mentioned in her diary.

Lady KaKa obviously does not have any qualms on pushing a corrupt senile old man onto the American Public, Joe Biden has done nothing for America in 47 years apart from serious corruption, money laundering and taking greedy backhanders from dodgy Chinese deals. At no time does she even mention how Joe Biden is an asset for the Chinese Communist Party, who plan on taking over America from the inside if elected.

This is why you just don’t have any scruples Lady KaKa, and you would gladly sell out your country for less than a dime, as well as waste beer by throwing it down in the gutter.

Not every Midwesterner dresses in camo and wears ridiculous boots whilst driving a monster truck, but Lady KaKa is against fracking so it’s okay that she flies in private jets all the time, and travels in monster gas guzzling SUVs everywhere. They call that shit Champagne Socialism, and KaKa is now the poster child of sell-out banality, pandering, hypocrisy, as well as foisting career criminals onto the American people for a supposed election.

You have to hand it to KaKa, because of her video, many undecided voters who were going to vote for Biden, are now voting for Trump, so it goes to show, condescending smarmy fake acting does work to sway the voters. Thank you very much.

Whatever Lady KaKa says — do the opposite and you’ll be okay.

N.B. The Daily Squib does NOT subscribe to any political party, and does not belong in any way or fashion to any huma-constructed political ideologies left or right or centre. The Daily Squib is a mere mirror of any activity that is occurring in the world at any and all times, and views any scenario in an objective manner only seeing the right or wrong of any situation. The Daily Squib abhors totalitarianism and censorship from any political ideology, and we fight for the preservation of democracy/freedom of expression/speech in the West.

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