With a Silent Press Over Biden Scandal Can Anyone Trust the Pollsters?

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - If the controlled press suppressed the Hunter Biden scandal, can anyone trust the pollsters and their hugely optimistic Biden poll results?

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The Democrat Party under Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is associated with riots, looting, arson, China, communism, Marxism and corruption

Recently, we have been witness to the biggest suppression of a valid political scandal by the ‘established’ press. Their silence over the Hunter Biden scandal speaks a thousand words in how the system is built on corruption of the highest order.


So, if you have a press system that suppresses important news to benefit a certain electoral candidate, how can we believe the pollsters?

The polls have consistently stated that Joe Biden is x points ahead of Trump for a very good reason. Their thinking is that if they keep stating the false results of a major lead, then voters will go with the flow and increase their vote for Biden. The reality of the situation is that most people are not as gullible or stupid as the pollsters think they are, and can see through the fakery.

One part of the fake polls that could possibly backfire is that Democrats who think the election is in the bag may be completely consumed by this false lead, and when the real election results come in, the Democrat voters may have their illusion destroyed, thus triggering them to riot.

“If you lead these automatons with false results for so long, and the results show otherwise, the leftists will erupt into violence almost immediately as they are triggered. There is a distinct possibility the controllers want this to happen, and have set the far left cannon fodder contingent up to a huge disappointment in order that they lose control at a certain point.

“The electoral system may take weeks to come to a valid result, and the interim period could also result in even more violence by left-wing rioters due to uncertainty,” an analyst revealed.

The only reason there is no serious rioting now by the triggered communist factions aligned with the Democrat Party is because the pollsters are issuing results favourable to Biden. If the opposite were the case, they would be out on the streets right now burning and looting.

What occurs within the next day or so will be crucial to the state of affairs of a hugely divided nation.

At some point though, the insane leftists and their domestic terrorist agenda will have to be met by some kind of defensive force or America will truly descend down the corridor of hell.

Whichever direction things go, break out the popcorn, and open up a Schlitz — it’s party time!

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