Hunter Biden: “I Can’t Wait to Move Into White House to Smoke Crack Rocks”

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - Hunter Biden can't wait till his dad Joe is appointed president and moves into the White House.

Hunter Biden White House

“Pops said I get my own wing, so I can sneak my crack dealer in and underage girls to give me foot jobs daily. Can’t live without that shit. We’re also gonna set up a direct link with the Chinese Communist Party so they can download what they want and dictate to Pop what they need done,” an excited Hunter Biden said rubbing his hands with glee.


According to Democrat officials who say the election is in the bag, Marxist political operative Zheng Zhifa and Democrat-Chinese Influence peddler John Wei, who are closely tied to the CCP will have their own office directly in line with Biden’s Oval Office so they can bark orders at him without even picking up a phone.

“Pops told me that the Secret Service assholes, and any moron who cares for national security will be told to stand down. If anyone even raises a fucking eyebrow to our corrupt deals, as we rake in more millions, they will be retired to goddamn Alaska. As for my crack dealer, Jigaboom ‘Boom’ Williams, he will be given free access to my quarters, as he is the best crack rock dealer this side of Chicago,” Hunter Biden added.

Thanks to the silence of the corrupt dealings and crimes of the Biden Crime Family by the mainstream Democrat Party Propaganda media, the Bidens are well protected and can do as they please without any fear of prosecution. They are effectively above the law, and their evil crimes are completely dusted under the carpet.

“When it comes to Democrats, the media keeps quiet of our crimes, and we can do anything without fear of ever being prosecuted. Republicans, libertarians, and anyone else — they get prosecuted immediately for the smallest misdemeanour, their names and reputation put through the mud, and turfed out of town by the mob. Those are the rules folks so go suck on that losers!” a prominent Democrat politician and avowed paedophile rapist revealed to MSNBC on Sunday, laughing like a hyena.

Some things will change though — this time the Big Guy will be getting 50%.