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Obama and Hunter Biden: Sold Out America to the Highest Bidder – CHINA

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The Obama administration and the Bidens were complicit in selling out America to China during their long reign.

Under the Obama administration China increased its economic stance tenfold off the back of America. Manufacturing practically disappeared under the Obama/Biden ticket and millions of decent hard-working Americans lost their jobs to China.


China had the upper hand at all times thanks to near slave labour costs attributed to the communist regime.

Obama and Biden not only turned a blind eye to the millions who lost their jobs in manufacturing and retail, but they did not bat an eyelid to the massive theft of intellectual property from American businesses and the military. Under Obama, the U.S. lost millions of pieces of intellectual property to China, who then manufactured American designs cheaply with no copyright existing in China.

The Chinese military was able under the Obama reign to increase its technical ability and upgrade its military capabilities with stolen blueprints from U.S. arms contractors. Much of the money made off the back of selling Americans cheap plastic trinkets was pumped into the Chinese army upgrades.

Not only was half of Ukraine lost under the Obama presidency, but China was allowed to practically buy off large swathes of America. Hollywood is a prime example of China increasing its influence in the West, it pumped vast amounts of money into the film industry, effectively dictating what American films disseminated as messages.

The turn in events took place in 2016 when a serious spanner was thrown into the works — Donald J. Trump.

Trump has attempted in his measly four years to turn around the gross injustices created by the Obama administration, and even though he has come up against serious brick walls, he has succeeded in some capacity to bring back some business to the USA, and to even the playing field somewhat in trade deals.

There is still a lot of work to be done, and this is why it is crucial for the USA, as a mantle of the West, to claw back lost revenue from China, to bring back manufacturing jobs to America, and to halt the theft of American intellectual property by the Chinese.

China is a brutalist, evil communist regime that imprisons millions of its Uighur population in re-education camps, and brutalizes the population of Tibet. China daily carries out a program of forced organ harvesting on condemned citizens, and Chinese hospitals are complicit in the trade of human organs to the highest bidders. Obama and the Democrats never said one word to China about these brutal injustices.

China has repeatedly ignored International treaties with Hong Kong, and has imposed its brutalist communist regime on the former British protectorate.

China only recorded 4,634 deaths from Coronavirus, which is a blatant lie and cover-up as much as it covered up the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic allowing the virus to spread globally unfettered for months before eventually being coerced to admit that there was a deadly airborne virus emanating from Wuhan, China.

Under the auspices of Obama and his administration, censorship on the internet increased by 90%, involving U.S. internet giants utilising Chinese communist censorship techniques to silence anyone critical of the Democrat agenda.

The incriminating evidence from Hunter Biden’s recovered laptop reveal that the Bidens are Chinese assets of its Kompromat program. The Biden family, and Joe Biden, are essentially the property of China and a liability to the USA’s national security.

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