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“Put the Knife Down!” Philadelphia Police Shoot Another Deranged Savage Maniac

PHILADELPHIA - USA - After a deranged man was shot for running at the police with a knife, peaceful BLM and ANTIFA were immediately mobilized.


You have to hand it to the American police forces with the amount of deranged violent maniacs they have to deal with on a daily basis. This time, the good officers of the Philadelphia police force put down another rabid animal coming at them with a knife. Naturally, it was pop pop time and the creature was put down in a humane manner.

“There’s no other way to deal with these deranged maniacs. Most of them are on some sort of psychotropic drugs and do not feel any pain, so no other form of force apart from a decent amount of lead is going to work in stopping these violent individuals,” one man on the scene revealed, patting the officers on the back.

Hopefully the officers will get commendations and medals for their bravery in protecting decent citizens, and cleaning the streets one lunatic maniac at a time.

“Anyone who defends this violent knife wielding thug is as deranged as the attacker,” another eyewitness said.

Unfortunately, the BLM agitators are already out there rioting in the streets, as soon as they heard of the shooting, their Marxist organisers decided to capitalise on the shooting as well as the timing of this event, directly before Trump wins the election.

philadelphia BLM looting no police
Businesses were stripped of their inventories in minutes

One BLM  domestic terror operative revealed her thoughts on the most recent shooting of a violent deranged knife wielding maniac.

“Why did they shoot this deranged man coming at them with a knife? They should have called out for a social worker and asked him nicely to put the knife down, instead they shot him. What a crying shame, another stand-up citizen wasted,” a BLM activist shouted.

Naturally the looters and rioters capitalised on the situation, many not caring who got shot, as long as they took home a big screen TV.

Whole business inventories were stripped in minutes by BLM mobs.

Meanwhile, in other parts of the city, more peaceful BLM supporters were witnessed dishing out their goodwill to innocent white citizens of Philadelphia.

The BLM crew are getting clever though, now they’re targeting ATM machines by blowing them up and looting the thousands kept in the machines.

looted atm

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