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Americans Vote For Trump But…

PENNSYLVANIA - USA - Despite a pretty much conclusive win by Donald Trump, especially in key states, the Democrats have other methods to skew the vote in their favour.


As predicted, the pollsters were completely wrong again, and prove the majority voters were not aligned with the socialist American Democrat Party. The majority of Americans voted for Trump but thanks to ballot harvesting by the Democrats, they could steal the election from right under a Trump win.


For months now, the Democrat electoral fraud machine were touting fake polls showing a conclusive win for Biden and pumping millions of dollars into the voter black hole. On the night of the election, as the results came in, there was no Biden win or massive ‘projected’ support across the states.

It was a choice between a free Patriotic America and a Marxist socialist entity under the Biden/Harris ticket and the majority in most states, including the key electoral college rich ones like Florida and Texas have voted for Trump.

There’s only one problem, the socialists, who have conducted a massive program of ballot harvesting fraud utilising fake postal votes are now counting on these nefarious votes being counted in states like Pennsylvania. To this respect, Minnesota where it was proven by Project Veritas that voter fraud was rife, was won by the Democrat socialist fraudsters once again.

Massive Democrat Voter Fraud Busted By Former Houston City Councilman

Voter Fraud in Michigan – Massive Dump of Over 200,000 Ballots for Biden All the Sudden Appear Overnight

Joe Biden, who has also been implicated in a massive fraud with Ukrainian company Burisma, and a Chinese company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, has taken millions of dollars in backhanders with his crack addict son, Hunter Biden.

The level of Biden’s election fraud is also exemplified by his fake twitter followers, exuding an illusion of popularity, when the majority of his followers are fake.

A poll worker in  Erie, Pennsylvania has admitted to purposely throwing away Pro-Trump ballots.

Sebastian Machado, a poll worker in Erie, PA, has admitted on Instagram to purposely throwing away Pro-Trump ballots at the polling location he is working at.

Pennsylvania still has 1 million votes to count, and the rural and urban voters are a different breed. Most votes in urban areas will lean towards Joe Biden, therefore, despite Trump being way ahead in the state, the ballot harvesting socialist fraudsters can still swing the state in their favour. The Democrats are now in Pennsylvania frantically looking for votes to add to their tally.

So, in America, and their tin pot banana republic electoral system, you can win an election with ease by voter fraud, as the socialists are ensuring.

Donald J. Trump won the election….for now…

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