Hunter Biden: “I’ll Be Your Designated Ballot Counter”

PENNSYLVANIA - USA - Hunter Biden has been seen in the vote counting centre as the Democrats attempt to steal the vote from Donald Trump.

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You may have been wondering what became of the good honourable gentleman, Hunter Biden? Well, his barely alive corpse seems to have reappeared in Pennsylvania where the counting for the Democrat steal has been taking place all night.


Absentee Ballot Fraud

democrat steal
Nothing to see here: the sudden jump in Democrat votes is not proof of any irregularity. Please turn away and look the other way.

“This is all honestly counted, you see that box of 400,000 Trump votes. We’re gonna put that in the trash. The reason that those ballot papers were rejected because the box ticked was for Donald Trump. For us Democrats, that’s wrong, it should say Biden, so that’s why we rejected the Trump votes. It’s all above board here, there is nothing to see here!” Hunter Biden says whilst smoking a vast crack rock in his pipe.

Even though it looked like a solid Trump win, many Democrat controlled states are holding back the counting times so they can find or create Biden votes or dump Trump voting slips.

Hunter Biden, who is getting $15 per hour to work in the Pennsylvania counting centre revealed his dad Joe organised his participation.emergency democrat votes

“Pops, his people came to my hideout place where I was supposed to be shamed, and they said I could redeem myself by stealing the election for the Democrats. I asked them what that entails, and the guy in the dark suit and glasses said, all I gotta do is throw away any Trump voting slip I see, and put these new Joe Biden ones in. Well, it has been fun, there are a few underage girls here too so my interest is up,” Hunter added.

Hunter is having a busy day though, they’re shipping him to Arizona later in the day to steal the election there too. Busy, busy!