Celebrated Brit Awards Rappers Can Only Say Three Words Repeated Ad Infinitum

LONDON - England - It's more of the same from the shameful Brit Awards this year, as the state of the Music Biz has fallen to its lowest level yet.

It’s the usual parade at the Brit Awards, a sad detriment to the state of today’s music biz, devoid of any form of creativity, real musicians, songs with melody or any form of true artistry.

The banal display of troupes of Afro-Caribbean descent rappers who had nothing to say apart from “You are racist!” were paraded in front of audiences who clapped inanely at their ‘genius’.

When one rapper was asked to back up with an example why racism was rife especially when the accusation was thrown at the PM, the answer was “You are racist!” repeated constantly with a generic drum beat in the background.

It was not only the Jamaican rappers, who accommodated the Brit Awards stage all saying the same thing on constant repeat, the stage was full of angry young female Jamaican RNB singers and their template songs this time shouting two points of reference, one would shout “You are racist!” then another would shout “We need more female talent in the Biz”. These mantras were repeated over and over again despite the Brit Awards full of Afro-Caribbean rappers and wailing Afro-Caribbean female RNB autotune template music singers.

Next year, the Brit Awards will be much of the same, and the year after that, and the year…etc..etc..etc..