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The Daily Squib Anthology Book Now For Sale

As the editor of the Squib I can proudly announce that The Daily Squib Anthology From 2007 to 2022 is finally for sale.

Since founding the Daily Squib on April 1st 2007, many changes have taken place on the internet and indeed the globe. This is why this carefully curated anthology encapsulates those changes in a satirical manner. Fifteen years of different presidents, prime ministers, wars, peace and a myriad of little societal nuances that made up that period of history.

Looking for that curious unique gift for dad’s Christmas stocking, or something to read while taking the dump of the century in your toilet, the Daily Squib Anthology is the perfect celebration of our times, good and bad?

Come, join the circus, look at the clowns and listen to the troubadours as they usher in a new era for humanity, horrific yet beautiful at the same time, a glowing paradoxical dystopian paradise entrenched in reality show hell and fake celebrity appearances. All manner of fantastic beasts projectile vomiting over everything daringly encapsulating this curious rare book compiled with the indomitable spirit of Juvenalis in mind, but furnished within a modern 21st century outlook.

A bold erupting satisfying fart into the darkest and illuminating facets of humanity’s wonders, The Daily Squib Anthology is now available to buy direct from the publisher or from Amazon, or from any good bookshop.

Get your copy now, the first 150 are signed by the author.

The book will only be released in paperback.

daily squib book signed

Putin is Prepared For War – The Shameful West is Not


There’s a very good reason why the French president Emmanuel Macron is always on the line to Moscow — it’s because he knows how Putin will practically walk through Europe. Naturally, the French are clever in these matters and would like to secure their future under a Russian Putin regime when the time comes. Those precious Haussmann boulevards and beautiful museums must be preserved and not turned to rubble. Basically, it is the same deal the French made when Hitler walked through Europe. Putin is prepared for war, and even though the West watches from afar it is caught in the headlights, it is almost waiting for its own demise by being totally ill-prepared.

The British Chancellor of the Exchequer is cutting funding to the Ministry of Defence, and Britain’s forces are in need of huge investment. Jeremy Hunt is therefore leaving Britain defenceless, a wreck of years of underfunding with even more underfunding proposed.

The failed Ukraine counterattack is a sign that Ukraine is on the back foot, especially as Putin increases production of military arms and munitions. Russia is also receiving military assistance from China, N. Korea and Iran.

What can the poor Ukrainians do as hordes of drugged-up Russian conscripts come at them wave after wave with unlimited supplies of bullets and convicts from Russia’s jails? The Americans are now moaning about continuing to arm and fund the poor Ukrainians.

Putin has been playing the long-game all along, and now that is paying off as the beleaguered, tired West is faltering under a malaise of disenchantment and apathy. The West, is not only being beaten on the battlefields of Ukraine, but decades of demoralisation by the leftists (who aid our enemies) are taking a serious toll.

Unless the West and NATO buckle the fuck up, then there will be no chance. Western nations need to either wake up or be defeated once and for all. This means a huge increase in military defence capabilities and a complete deletion of woke culture, which is being pushed by the WEF. In essence, the WEF is working for the rise of totalitarian China and Russia to take over the West and this can be thus labelled as a Western problem that must ultimately be solved from within.

In war, the weak do not survive.

And It’s an ‘Eff You’ From the BBC!

How delightful of the BBC to pull the middle finger at the viewers. In fact, this is kind of refreshing to see some sort of attitude other than the usual useless pap being put forward by the beeb for a while.

The BBC, a corporation with a devout hunger for hard cash pilfered from the pockets of hard-up British taxpayers so they can pay people like Gary Lineker £4.8 million a year for a two-day work week is a profound statement to Britain’s love for masochism as a nation.

You must pay your TV Licence, or we will come to your door and bully you, and send old people nasty threatening letters which should be completely ignored and thrown in the recycle bin. The BBC needs absolutely multi-millions of pounds per annum to run re-runs and facile useless mediocre programs to the fucking masses.

What is the BBC good for these days apart from a middle finger? It is certainly quite apt that this parasitical corporation doles out utter bilge and mediocrity to the people whilst shaking them down for a tax that is devoutly hated across the land.

In honour of BBC proteges and stars Jimmy Savile and Rolf Harris, along with the likes of Martin Bashir, yes, it is definitely a big eff you from the fucking BBC.

Interconnected: The Internet Only Creates War For Humanity


When humans become too interconnected, they reject this state through war because too much connection creates a reaction of disconnection and a run to privacy. Our inherent differences are accentuated to a point that eventually sows the seeds for conflict on and off the internet.

We are told day in day out that humans have to communicate with each other constantly through smartphones, the internet, social media, but no one has factored in the consequences of such levels of communication because they were blinded by the revenue made from connectivity overload.

Of course, humans need some level of communication and connection with each other, but the situation we are at now is at a level of overload.

When was the last time you sat at a desk and wrote a letter to someone on a piece of paper?

When was the last time you had a real conversation with someone face to face, and not impersonal cold digital words with a stranger on the internet who interacts with thousands of other impersonal messages every day?

This is the ultimate paradox that through more connectivity humans have grown further apart from each other and there is a very good reason humankind will head to complete global war soon.

One of the reasons for rejection of the internet beast is the loss of privacy, of space, of real human contact, of community, of family and of love.

The digital beast is a cold hard obtuse world of code with no warmth and human eye to eye, face to face connection. Zoom conferences do not substitute reality in any way but present a cold digital representation of human connectivity that is ultimately soulless.

The prying incessant eyes of communication now delve into our lives with an extreme hunger for data on every part of our existence, and daily our loss of privacy is getting worse. Humans need privacy, but now every form you fill in for anything requires invasive data to be revealed that infringes on our rights as humans. Every part of your life is now digitized and filed/sold.

All of this unhappiness naturally builds up to a crescendo, not only with individuals, but entire nations are soaked with this spam world malaise that infects every part of our existence. If you know that much data about your enemies then you know where to attack, where their weaknesses are and how to destroy your enemy with the most effectiveness.

This level of interconnectedness will eventually backfire because it is now intrusive and one could even say a form of bullying to eek out every piece of information from people just wanting to live their lives in peace.

King Charles is Not Upholding Duty to the Nation and Monarchy


The late Queen Elizabeth II upheld the root of the nation and monarchy by immediately taking away Harry’s military duties and uniform rights. This was a staunch message of adherence to the code of the monarchy and its standing within the nation. Prince Harry had chosen a different path as a non-working person apart from the British monarchy, therefore quite rightly he would lose certain privileges and ceremonial rights. The exact opposite can be said about King Charles III, who is putting his wayward lost son ahead of the nation and above the monarchy by allowing him to constantly attack the very institution the King is supposedly head of now. By not punishing the constant attacks via the media apparatus of the British monarchy by Harry and Meghan’s proxies, Charles not only shows extreme weedy weakness but is inadvertently allowing the slow throttling death of what was once a great, majestic ruling institution.

Of course, it is totally normal for conflicting attitudes when dealing with a former member of the family who has turned rogue, however the King must think of his duty to the monarchy and the nation. The incessant attacks will only continue ad infinitum until even more damage is done to the already damaged institution.

In this respect, the King must uphold his sworn duty to the Crown as his mother did and relieve the false widow Sussexes of their titles not only for the good of the nation but as a true sovereign would act in upholding the tenets and honourable rights of the monarchy, which is currently under attack from Harry and Meghan.

Enough is enough. If the current King does not show his force, he will be deemed as irrelevant and an easy target for the foreseeable future and beyond. He will have also damaged the Crown and country by not acting with haste, simply because he is scared of confrontation.

The King must make a simple black and white decision, to let the British monarchy live — or die.

WW3 UPDATE: Slowly But Surely the Escalation of War Continues


With the Houthis taking over shipping in the Red Sea and threatening global trade, there is a serious undertone to the escalation of the war in Gaza. WW3 could easily increase in its voracity and proliferation across the rest of the globe.


Distraught shipowners have called for more military protection on maritime routes in the Middle East after the continuous attacks by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in the Red Sea have sparked fears of logistical disruptions to global trade, including oil and gas supplies.

With its connection to the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez Canal, it is one of the most heavily travelled waterways in the world, carrying maritime traffic between Europe and Asia. The Red Sea is the superhighway to the Suez Canal. Judah Levine, Freightos’ head of research, said the Suez Canal sees 50–60 vessels transiting each day for about 19,000 each year, including about 30% of global container traffic.

On Sunday, the Pentagon reported a US warship and three commercial vessels had come under attack off the Yemeni coast. These are the same Houthi rebels who targeted Israeli ships last month. Behind all this nastiness is of course Iran, who is waging a proxy war against Israel, the USA and anyone else who is part of the Great Shaitan alliance.


Meanwhile, in Ukraine, things are quiet on the Eastern front as troops on both sides hunker down for the winter. How long can a bankrupted America which has borne the brunt of the failed Bidenomics spendthrift insanity continue to fund Ukraine and supply weapons, especially as war has broken out in Israel and Gaza? At some point, Uncle Sam is going to have to say the USA is all used up.

The antithesis of giving up funding and arming Ukraine is that Putin finally wins, and is so emboldened that he continues going West towards the grand prize Germany and France. However, if Putin does not win the war and even loses the Crimea, it is a certainty that he will relieve the loss with a few tactical nukes just to show who the boss is in the area. A few tactical nukes on Ukraine would also warn the West to keep out of the affairs of Russia and its underlying borders. Alternatively, the radiation plumes could pass over Europe, killing hundreds of thousands of people. We could be in a full nuclear WW3 retaliation scenario in a matter of weeks.ww3 update war

With arms and military supplies coming from N. Korea, China and Iran, the Russian military can go on fighting for the next five decades, as this is for Russia not only a war for Ukraine but a war for its own shadow, its own honour, and the Russians are playing a long game against a West which seems fatigued by the whole sordid episode.

In China, Xi Jinping is readying to enter WW3 not only by pumping the USA with cheap Fentanyl but its daily jaunts into Taiwanese airspace. The Chinese J-10 and J-16 aircraft and helicopters operating off central Taiwan and to the island’s southwest, crossing over the Taiwan Strait’s median line at will, are an early sign of Chinese bravado when it comes to its stance on invasion. Taiwan’s ruling separatist Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will be headed by Lai Ching-Te will cause Beijing serious headaches if they win the January 16 election. What China wants is a pro-Chinese alliance in Taiwan, but they are not getting one. This in itself could lead to war, and with an insouciant Joe Biden standing around like a ghost, he may even let China take the small island, which would open the door for more conquest for China in the region.

With Trump riding high in the presidential race polls for 2024, the focus will shift towards the United States which for the past few decades has been the Disunited States, where populations have never been so polarised apart from the times of Civil War. The only thing that gets American socialists to scream and cry in the streets is a Trump win, and although entertaining to watch, it could mean another civil war in America. Consequently, if Trump loses again after being cheated at the polls once more, this could bring about civil war as well.

Thankfully, most of the global population, especially in the West, are completely oblivious to what is actually happening, and may it stay that way. We certainly do not need anyone waking up to reality; it is better for them to continue watching their game shows and Strictly Come Dancing episodes.

Now that the great Henry Kissinger has popped his clogs, it is up to the Daily Squib to take up his immense insight and intuition within the geopolitical field (only joking). Next month, another WW3 update.

Endgame: Tabloid Reality Celebrities Harry and Meghan Not Relevant Anymore

This truly is the endgame for Harry and Meghan, and they will now never be accepted back into the royal fold again, especially after the most recent Omid Scobie nonsense.

“I don’t see these two people as royals in any way, instead they are lowly vulgar tabloid reality star celebrities who are really pissing off the people and of course the actual royals. Please, Britain or Africa or somewhere else, take these idiots away from America. We are fed up!” a former Harry and Meghan American fan revealed.

Indeed, patience with the Sussexes is drying up in America, and even staunch former fans of the couple are dumping the duplicitous duo and their nasty attacks on the royal family. Whilst the Windsors exude an air of dignity, duty and royal class, Harry and Meghan exude an air of desperation, vulgarity and parasitic nastiness.


King Charles recently stated that he would not take away the royal titles away from the two miscreants despite their constant attacks, and we can only assume that either the king is extremely weak, or he is worried about other pieces of royal secrets that Harry and Meghan would release.

There are no winners throughout this entire sad episode of shite. Just a sordid morose endgame recycling the same old tired accusations ad infinitum.

The Transformative Power of Yoga: Enhancing Your Life Through Practice


In today’s fast-paced world, where stress and anxiety often reign supreme, finding a practice that nurtures both the body and mind has become increasingly crucial. Enter yoga – a centuries-old discipline renowned for its transformative effects on physical, mental, and emotional well-being, enhancing your life for the better. Implementing the transformative power of yoga into your daily routine can pave the way for a profound enhancement in various aspects of your life.

Physical Wellness

At its core, yoga is a holistic practice that promotes physical fitness through a combination of postures (asanas), controlled breathing (pranayama), and meditation. Regular practice enhances flexibility, strength, and balance. The various poses stretch and strengthen muscles, improve joint mobility, and promote better posture, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing overall physical resilience.

Stress Reduction and Mental Clarity

One of the most celebrated aspects of yoga is its ability to alleviate stress and promote mental clarity. Through the practice of mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, and meditation, individuals can effectively manage stress levels. Yoga encourages a present-centred focus, calming the mind and offering a reprieve from the chaos of everyday life. This heightened awareness fosters mental clarity, leading to better concentration, improved decision-making, and enhanced emotional resilience.

Emotional Balance

Yoga isn’t merely a physical practice; it delves into the realm of emotions and spirituality. Regular practice helps individuals connect with their inner selves, fostering emotional balance and stability. By acknowledging and processing emotions on the mat, practitioners learn to navigate life’s challenges with greater ease. This emotional intelligence gained through the transformative power of yoga often translates into improved relationships, self-awareness, and a more positive outlook on life.

Improved Sleep Patterns

In a world where sleep disorders are increasingly prevalent, yoga offers a natural remedy. The relaxation techniques and meditative aspects of yoga calm the nervous system, helping individuals unwind and prepare for a restful night’s sleep. By reducing stress and promoting relaxation, yoga contributes to improved sleep quality and better sleep patterns.

Enhanced Overall Well-being

The cumulative effects of yoga on the body, mind, and spirit result in an overall sense of well-being. The practice encourages a lifestyle centred around self-care and mindfulness. From increased energy levels and better immunity to a more profound sense of inner peace and happiness, yoga paves the way for a holistic improvement in quality of life.

Implementing Yoga into Daily Life

Incorporating the transformative power of yoga into your routine doesn’t necessitate hour-long sessions or complex poses. Starting with just a few minutes of practice each day can yield noticeable benefits and contribute significantly to enhancing your life. Whether it’s a gentle morning stretch, a lunchtime breathing exercise, or a calming bedtime routine, consistency is key. Joining a class, accessing online resources, or seeking guidance from a qualified instructor can provide structure and support as you embark on your yoga journey.

Subsequently, the multifaceted benefits of yoga extend far beyond the physical realm. By integrating this ancient practice into your life, you open the door to a transformative journey toward improved physical health, mental well-being, emotional balance, and overall ejaculatory life satisfaction.


Much Ado About Nothing: Not Racist to Ask About Baby Skin Colour


It is perfectly normal for mixed race parents or relatives to debate what skin colour or complexion a baby will have before it is born.

To think that simply discussing such a subject is racist is absolute nonsense, to suggest so is simply a form of race-baiting. Genetic DNA mixes can come up with some interesting variations.

Naturally, the vindictive Meghan Markle and her attack poodle have created a hornets nest of nastiness and put the Windsors in the direct line of fire for the race-baiters to take pot shots.

Scientifically speaking, the baby skin colour from mixed race couples can be a fascinating subject involving many genetic variables that not only determine colouring of the skin but colour of the eyes and hair of the child.

Piers Morgan has revealed the names of the royals accused of the silly crime of simply asking a question during his latest show, which was a response to a Dutch ‘printing error‘ involving the latest sordid atrocity by Omid Scobie.

All of this hokum is of course inconsequential to the royal family, who will no doubt just get along with their duties and completely ignore all the needless hysteria being churned out by the media sewage machine.

Daily Squib Exclusive: The Ann Widdecombe Brexit Interview

The Right Honourable Ann Widdecombe DSG, or as we call her in the Squib office, Auntie Widders, is a straight-shooting problem solver. If we had more MPs like Ann Widdecombe in government today we as a nation would not be in such a mess, or more specifically, the Tories would not be in such turmoil.

Ann was Member of Parliament (MP) for Maidstone and The Weald, and the former Maidstone constituency, from 1987 to 2010 and Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for South West England from 2019 to 2020. After leaving the Conservative Party, she was a member of the Brexit Party from 2019 until it was renamed Reform UK in 2021; she rejoined Reform UK in 2023.

We are very grateful to Ann for agreeing to answer a few questions about Brexit and to highlight its continuing importance, even though it has been sidelined somewhat by the current Sunak regime, and is threatened even further by the incoming Labour government when the May General Elections are held.

The EU Referendum result of 2016 and hard-fought subsequent Brexit were one of the most important democratic events to have taken place in recent British history. The Daily Squib fought hard for it as did many Brexiteers, and we feel we have some responsibility to reiterate its continuing importance, especially regarding the sovereignty of the British Isles and global trade.


Daily Squib: Can you explain why you believe that Brexit was crucial to the UK’s sovereignty, and how it has enhanced the nation’s ability to make independent decisions?

Ann Widdecombe: I was a Minister for nearly 7 years and realised in that time how very little Britain could control its own laws. Everything we did had to be compatible with EU law, regardless of the benefits to us of doing otherwise. The very definition of sovereignty is control over your own affairs. We did not have that.

DS: How do you respond to those who argue that the UK’s compatibility with the EU could have been improved through negotiations and reforms, rather than complete separation?

AW: Experience. David Cameron went off with much fanfare to obtain concessions from the EU prior to the Referendum, and came back with nothing.

DS: In your opinion, how has Brexit impacted the UK’s ability to control its borders and immigration policies, and do you consider this to be a positive outcome?

AW: Obviously since Brexit, we have had complete control of legal immigration in as much as we can decide whether people are admitted and on what terms. The failure to deal with illegal immigration is down to the Government and not to Brexit.

DS: Could you discuss the trade implications of Brexit for the UK and how it has influenced the nation’s economic sovereignty and flexibility?

AW: Since Brexit, we have implemented some very serious trade deals which will have a massive economic benefit.

DS: What do you see as the main benefits of the UK having the freedom to enter into independent trade agreements post-Brexit, and how has this impacted the nation’s global standing?

AW: The benefits speak for themselves. We can now trade on terms which suit us and the other country, rather than adhere to EU requirements.

DS: Some critics argue that Brexit has increased bureaucracy and challenges for UK businesses. How do you respond to these concerns and what measures do you believe can mitigate them?

AW: I refer you to Nissan which predicted that it would move its business from the UK and has now increased its business, claiming that the effects of Brexit on its operations have been “negligible”. That, however, does not please me because the effect would be beneficial if we made a bonfire of the EU regulations and started competing with the EU rather than shadowing it.

DS: Personal support for Brexit can be driven by various factors. What were the primary reasons that led you to support Brexit on a personal level?

AW: Sovereignty.

DS: In retrospect, how do you view the implementation and negotiation process of Brexit, and what could have been done differently or more effectively?

AW: In retrospect, I say what I said at the time. The deal was appalling and effectively isolated Northern Ireland.

DS: How do you see the future relationship between the UK and the EU, and what are your hopes for the country now that it has officially left the European Union?

AW: I hope that ties between the UK and the EU will loosen over the coming years, that we will compete with the EU but build good relationships with the individual European countries.

DS: There was at one point talk of a ‘Singapore on the Thames’, but that never came into fruition. Do you think to some extent that the Tories squandered their mandate to create and maintain a valid Brexit?

AW: Of course, the Tories squandered their mandate. Why do you think I joined first the Brexit Party and then Reform?

DS: Should Britain leave the ECHR which many say is holding the country back from stopping the illegal migrant trafficking across the Channel, and do you think France has been complicit in encouraging illegal migration to the UK as a form of vindictive Brexit punishment?

AW: Yes, we should leave the ECHR and yes, France has been slack in stopping the boats. I think Macron’s motives are more to do with getting rid of the problem from French shores than with taking revenge for Brexit.

DS: If, and when Labour wins the next General Election, is it almost a certainty that Brexit will be in danger by the likes of Keir Starmer and his Cabinet?

AW: Yes.


“White Lung Syndrome” – Another Lovely Chinese Export to the World


What a wonderful country China is, an overpopulated polluted shithole that exports nasty viruses across the globe every few years ruining economies and killing millions of people. The last lovely Chinese export was from Wuhan and was Covid-19, now we’ve got another lovely Chinese disease to contend with, some kind of respiratory illness or virus that attacks the lungs called ‘white lung syndrome’.

As usual, the Chinese Communist Party is keeping their mouths shut about this horrid white lung syndrome, and not even divulging data to the WHO or anyone else for that matter.

In early 2020, it was the millions of Chinese tourists visiting Europe that contaminated the European continent and then went global. This time around, the Netherlands is ground zero in Europe and cases will probably spread further. As we all know, the rest was pure history, from which many nations have still not recovered. Who knows what other delights await us after the next wave of bubbling Chinese viruses spread across the globe like fucking wildfire?

If the local government opens plea more gists from stainer,

Here’s to the wonderful Chinese who bring only tremendous things to the world and spread happiness wherever they go.

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