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What the latest Gillette advertisement portrays is that being male is toxic, and being a new-man is not about being masculine but feminine.

This mixed message has brought on a torrent of anger from men on social media, who already feel marginalised and hunted. The advert also holds racist undertones portraying white men as inherently evil, while the black men in the advert are the ones who are portrayed with dignity.

After enduring decades of adverts within the advertising industry where men are portrayed as infantile idiots, lesser than even animals, the Gillette brand is taking a large risk by their new advert by adding to the misandric malaise.

The advert was directed by Viva La Vulva Kim Gehrig from the UK-based agency Somesuch, and from the reaction online, has seriously damaged the Gillette brand.

How to severely damage a well known brand in one fell swoop 101. Consensus? Probably not recoverable. The loss of sales of the brand may prove something about the advert to the board of directors who okayed the ad.

Millions of men now are boycotting products from Procter & Gamble as well as Gillette.

Being masculine is not about leering at women or beating people up for no reason as is portrayed in the advert. This is an utterly skewed and biased viewpoint of a masculine male, obviously concocted by someone with an agenda of emasculation and denigration of manhood. This form of misandry is now all too prevalent especially within the advertising industry, but it is also a reflection of the destructive social change that is being engineered to effectively destroy the masculine male role model from all media within the Western world.

Maybe now is the time to dump the blade altogether and embrace the bushy masculine beard eh..either that, or use a rival brand.


Here’s an ad (below) from rival shaving company Barbasol from four years ago. It seems to have the exact opposite message that anti-male Gillette have adopted in 2019.



Update (17 January 2019)

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