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Say Goodbye to a Brexit That Never Happened Anyway

LONDON - England - Say goodbye to a Brexit that never happened anyway as Labour has revealed plans for ever closer union with the EU.

As the turd of Labour looms out of the puckered gonorrhoea ridden anus of inequity, we must now accommodate the Remoaners gloating over their final pyrrhic victory, however the deluded Remoaners are morons because Brexit never happened anyway. When our borders are still ruled by the ECHR, our road laws still dictated by the EU and all the other EU regulations, there was no Brexit. Besides, the dumbfuck Tories squandered every chance of a negligible Brexit by completely ignoring it.

Guy Verhofstadt the maggot farmer from Brussels no doubt will gloat as Keir Starmer agrees to free movement over our borders, but is there any difference to the free movement over our borders currently under way, and has been ongoing for decades? Free fucking movement? They’re coming over in dinghy after dinghy, escorted by the French fucking Navy? Pajeet Sunak has let in over 10 million Indians into the UK on student visas. The borders are so open, you can fit a fucking Death Star through the fucking hole.

We never left the EU any way, so knock yourselves out Remoaners, however here’s the rub, what will Remoaners moan about after we officially rejoin the EU we never left again thanks to Labour? Imagine the horror of not being able to blame every single outrage on Brexit. Hopefully, the fuckers will top themselves, maybe go to a jungle somewhere and take copious amounts of Kool-Aid laced with some horrific poison so they all croak in each other’s arms.

A drink to rejoining the EU! Thank you, Labour, thank you Tories for squandering your mandate and ignoring your voters, and ignoring Brexit. Let us rejoin the Soviet EU, a prison which we never left because the UK is so institutionalised. This time, though, the EU will demand we lose the Pound Sterling, and naturally the suppurating genital wart Keir Starmer will take the knee.

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