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While Biden Slept Iran and China Grew Strong

LONDON - England - Iran and China are siding with Russia, whilst bumbling fool Joe Biden sleeps.

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Iran possibly has enriched enough high grade uranium to make its missiles go nuclear; China daily increases its military hardware, readying for its attack on Taiwan. Meanwhile, Joe Biden sleeps and is more concerned with emasculating the US military and championing trans rights, who make up less than 0.003% of the US population.

When you have someone as incompetent as Joe Biden supposedly in charge, the West’s enemies grow ultimately stronger every day, whilst the US and UK grow weaker. In war, there are no second chances, you either get it right first time or you die. This is not some kind of computer game where you have infinite re-spawns, one minute you exist, then in a second you are gone.

Iran and China are now actively supplying armaments and ammunition to Russia in its fight to commit total and extreme genocide in Ukraine. Since 2014, the West and Ukrainians had a chance to seriously arm the country in preparation for all-out war, but did nothing. Ukraine has little or no air force and are now floundering in the East as Putin’s drugged up orcs throw themselves into the meat grinder wave after wave.

China, Iran, and Russia are the triad of evil, however when North Korea joins with them, it will be a quadruple clusterfuck for a West more concerned with trivialities and nonsense than defending itself. We have the likes of the WEF and UN praising China daily, and even honouring the brutal communist regime as a model country for the globe.

World War III started a long time ago, but now it is accelerating with haste. Keep buying your Chinese made trinkets and cheap Walmart crap so that the Chinese can arm their military to even higher technological heights with stolen Western schematics. The key to this was always Iran, and now it has fully joined the Russian fight along with China, a certain urgency is gearing up for an event that will hopefully wake up the sleepy Western leaders caught in the headlights.

You probably did not read this article as you are just another one of those dead-eyed zombies more concerned with the latest reality show or your pathetic Instagram account showing off how great your fake, shallow life is. The people who are not aware of the movements and news will be the ones who do not prepare, they will be caught unawares and will most probably be amongst the first casualties of the war.

As the shelves are bare in British supermarkets, the useless sanctions on Russia did absolutely nothing.

The leftists and communist woke Marxists within the West despise guns, and want them all banned so that everyone is defenceless. When the attack comes, they will not know how to use a gun, and will perish along with their deluded naive beliefs. Pliant sheep, they will all willingly queue up to go to the slaughterhouses, overseen by Chinese or Russian troops, and they will all wish they had at least armed themselves and learned how to survive.

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  1. Strange bedfellows indeed . I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about perhaps this shouldn’t come as a surprise as the slants owe more than the brits .

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