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While Supermarkets Empty Shelves in UK – French Hypermarket Auchan Thriving in Russia

MOSCOW - Russia - While supermarkets have empty shelves in the UK with ridiculously overpriced goods, in so-called sanctioned Russia there is no shortage of goods.


Russians are living the life of Riley during the so-called Western sanctions. French owned hypermarket Auchan still has over 300 stores with 40,000 employees keeping the Russian population fed on gourmet food, croissants, baguettes, foie gras and caviar. The shelves are all full of multiples of types of products, full to the brim of the best quality of food at very reasonable prices. Auchan is owned by the Muillez family in France.

In stark contrast, Britain is suffering food shortages of the most basic items like tomatoes and cucumbers. You have to now take out a second mortgage to buy a small basket of plain every day goods in the UK. Buying a simple loaf of bread, some cheese, and maybe some butter will cost you £10.00 or more. Empty shelves are being primarily blamed for the ‘bad weather’ but that excuse is utter bullshit. Because the extreme high cost of electricity and other utilities farmers cannot afford to grow their vegetables indoors, and importing from the EU is also a huge problem, probably because of red tape and Brexit politics.


While the UK is suffering, Russians are living like kings and queens with no shortages of food or any type of wares. Fuel is cheap and gas is practically free. Low electricity costs and plenty of food for everyone. It is safe to say that sanctions have made little or no impact on Russia.

Globus, the German run hypermarket is the biggest chain and the stores are huge with enormous amounts of variation in products. These hypermarkets sell very cheap goods to Russians, who enjoy their lives of luxury while the bombs and missiles rain down on Ukraine. Globus Hypermarket Holding (Globus SB-Warenhaus Holding GmbH & Co. KG), branded as Globus, is a German retail chain of hypermarkets, DIY stores and electronics stores.

Along with Auchan, the French-owned hypermarket, Globus is also a major player in Russia, and have contravened any form of sanction on the country. Many Russians do not even know or feel that there is a serious war being fought in Ukraine created by their supreme commander in chief, Vladimir Putin. As long as the oil and gas flows through India and China, and the food from Europe flows through to Russia with no problem at all.

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  1. Want a better quality of life live in Russia. The UK is fvcked!!! This is why Labour will win by a landslide in 2024. I can’t believe what I just saw in those videos I mean what the hell? They have SIX types of mandarins to choose from. All the goods are dirt cheap! People are queuing to get into food banks over her e and the empty shelves are empty!!!!!! I AM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW I COULD PUNCH A HOLE IN A WALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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