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Harry and Meghan Want to Bring Archie’s 80ft Bouncy Castle to Charles Coronation

LONDON - England - In a bid to upstage the Charles Coronation in May, the Sussexes want to set up a bouncy castle for their son's birthday.

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The meddlesome couple from California want to upstage King Charles’ Coronation ceremony in May by bringing along a massive 80ft bouncy castle for Archie’s birthday to upstage the weak king.

“The bouncy castle will be set up directly on the steps of Westminster Abbey and photographers will be called to take photographs of young Archie jumping around in it. There will be some dodgy geezers from a fairground assisting and some old speakers playing garage music at high volume. The Sussexes have even hired a DJ from Cricklewood to play the awful tunes. The prince thinks this stunt will raise his and his wife’s poor profile,” a PR agent in London revealed.

Westminster Council were contacted by the Sussexes and a proposal was presented to officials last week.

If this goes ahead, it could derail the entire Charles Coronation and even cause a health and safety nightmare. How the royal procession will be able to access the entrance of Westminster Abbey when it is blocked by an 80ft bouncy castle and hundreds of photographers along with a Netflix film crew is not known?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were contacted for comment, but refused to respond.

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  1. Archie deserves a decent birthday. I get there point He will look adorablebouncing around his castle. Cant wait to see it!

  2. I think its a goud Idea. I support anyhting thet Team Sussex does. I hope Charles trips up somewhere and falls down. GO SUSSEX GO!!!

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