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No One Allowed to See Secretive Legal Text For Sunak Brexit Stitch Up

LONDON - England - Why is no one allowed to see the secretive legal text for the Northern Ireland Brexit deal?

If this supposed Brexit deal was not a total stitch up for Northern Ireland and Britain then PM Rishi Sunak would share the actual legal text with the DUP, ERG and Tories. Instead, this new Brexit deal is cloaked in complete secrecy and hidden from everyone. No doubt Sunak and Vera de Lyon or whatever her name is are scheming to stitch up the UK, simply because the EU never agrees on anything until they have any deal 80% in their favour.

Some details are however set to be revealed today, but the late reveal will probably mean that it will be pushed for a lightning approval by parliament. If the DUP reject this new deal, then the whole thing is dead in the water.

The Good Friday Agreement could easily collapse simply because the EU has not capitulated to Brexit and has constantly created needless blocks on the entire process of leaving the EU.

We were meant to have left the EU in 2020, but we have not left yet, and we may not leave for another 10 or 20 years, if ever.

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