Walking Disaster Biden Wants War With Russia

WASHINGTON D.C. -USA - Demented and psychologically deranged Biden actually wants a war with Russia as his reckless inaction has demonstrated.

biden nuclear war with Russia 1200
Crazy Joe Biden laughs as a Russian nuclear missile obliterates another U.S. city.

The enemies of the West watched with glee and pleasure when Joe Biden completely fucked up the Afghanistan evacuation. This was a sign of weakness they had been waiting for, it was a green light for them to move forward with their plans held off when a strong President Trump was in power. Say what you want about Trump but he exuded strength and confidence; the exact opposite of imposter Biden. Incompetent fool Biden is setting up for a full scale war with Russia.

Now Russia is readying for attack on Ukraine and China is also on the verge of moving on Taiwan.

Biden, an incompetent weak failure, was shoehorned into his role via a false election and deep down he knows he is in his position through lies and not any form of merit. Psychologically, this has created a barrier of resentment deep in his psyche, and he secretly feels anger towards everyone and everything. War and chaos are now his medicine, and Biden is not only being self-destructive towards himself to purify his lack of virtuousness but to inadvertently punish the entire globe for putting him, as corrupted as he is, into power.

The undeserving guilt feeds out into recklessness, and Biden demonstrated that in Afghanistan all too well. This is why we are in this mess right now, and the people who used nefarious means to install a corrupt deranged demented turd into office are just as culpable.

Do you think Putin will stop at Ukraine? With Biden, a weak angry old fool, Putin will not look a gift horse in the mouth.

War with Russia 

If you live in a big metropolitan city, or near any military installations, you need to start thinking about moving right now before things escalate. Putin’s hypersonic missiles are unstoppable by any defence shield. The cities will each take five or six nuclear missiles, and any strategic areas will also be obliterated.

Biden will be safe though in his government bunker, and this knowledge gives him further impetus to go to war. Whatever his reckless evil intentions, he will be safe underground whilst entire cities and millions of people are wiped out.

You and the fake ballots voted for Biden, so you can thank yourselves.