Taxi For Carrie!

LONDON - England - Taxi for Carrie! The PM's wife is ferried around the capital city for hours and hours to keep her out of the way.

taxi for carrie

With news that desperate Number 10 aides ordered taxi drivers to take elongated routes for the PM’s controlling wife so that she would miss key meetings is indeed a telling story about the fear involved with power mad Carrie Johnson.

One can imagine the clueless Number 10 Wag being paraded around half of London and not realising she was part of a cruel ploy to keep her mangy control freakery at bay. Bravo is the only answer, but they could have done better in their ingenuity.

Taxi! Taxi for Carrie!

Why not instruct the taxi drivers to drive up to Scotland, maybe, and plonk her on a ferry to the Outer Hebrides?

What about suffering a series of flat tyres, then instructing other taxi drivers in the vicinity to steer clear of the area, so she cannot hail another cab. One can imagine Carrie could be out of commission for at least five or six hours at a time.

Forget about taxis, how about booking her on a one way flight to Guatemala?

Alternatively, Number 10 aides could have sent Carrie off to one of those department stores and clandestinely tampered with the lifts. Carrie would not be seen for days.

Enough! (Ed)